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  1. I don't think American accents are necessarily out of place in medieval CRPGs. The standard American accent can have a very gruff, earthy sound to it that suits drifter and labourer types. And a southern American accent is perfectly fine to define a unique community, like Xoti's. It's the more whiny, Mean Girls, Big Bang Theory American accent that can completely break the immersion. I'm not talking about the Valley girl accent either, there is just a way that young Americans sound sometimes that is very whiny. I think this is why so many people are complaining about the Narrator for example.


    Mixed bag/results so far. While many positive reviews on Steam are mainly biased (only 2 hours), the more honest ones really talk about what's going on.


    Lmao. So the positive reviews are biased but the negative ones with 30 minutes /played aren't, huh? Interesting perception right there. The game runs absolutely fine for 90%+ and I'm willing to bet that at least half of the "game crashes/doesn't run" crowd should troubleshoot on their own end. Seems like you're desperately looking for reasons not to play the game right now... so why not just wait instead of writing nonsense like "technical issues erupting at all angles"?


    It'd be nice if I could give even a 30 min review. A lot of people can't play the game at all. I'm not sure if you've glanced at the tech support page, but it is indeed erupting with technical issues. The game flat out doesn't work on a lot of Linux and OSX machines. And yeah I know, lol-get-a-gaming-PC, but they've marketed this forever as a tri-platform game and have not delivered. 

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