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  1. 2 hours ago, gtamike_TSGK said:

    A manual quick save option option would be great to save time. (maybe add as standstill 1hr wait time) 

    In the PC Version, that is already implemented. F5 to Quciksave, F9 to Quickload. You can adjust the Autosave Timer in the Settings already.

    2 hours ago, gtamike_TSGK said:

    Would be nice to have a dynamic flashlight on the armor enabled by holding the crouch button. 

    +1 Would be great.

  2. My experiences with this Bug:

    Done all the Quests on Monarch (none of them involved Cattles...). During all this time, I never returned to the Unreliable but once (don´t exactly remember when it was during my trip on Monarch) and got the Quest "don´t bite the sun". After I negotiated peace between the Iconoclasts and MSI, I finally returned to the Unreliable. First thing ADA wondered why there are cattles in the cargo bay (me too btw, as mentioned had no Quest involving cattles...). After talking to the crew for a bit, I suddenly got the message "don´t bite the sun" was botched. Cause in Log: Parvatti was killed.


    After searching the whole ship and all crew for WHY WAS PARVATTI KILLED???? I reloaded an autosave just before entering the Unreliable (thanks god it made this save just at this time!!!) Reentered the Unriable: No cattles anymore, instead Ellie and Nyoka doing some target practice in the cargo bay.


    No cattles, no problem :) Just get to Groundbreaker ASAP. Can the Bug happen after I got her the soap from Groundbraker or am I save now?

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