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  1. There was a Lezbian option in KOTOR 1 (actually due to errors you could get her to "confess" her feelings if you were a male as well (if you did certain things)) and a bi female option in KOTOR 2. I would like to see "gay" romances for both males and females. But I think both Bioware and Obsidian were smart about it as they knew the main people who would be playing the games would be straight males, and they are more happy to accept "girl-on-girl" romancess than two males.


    But as a side note gay people do play the games, and so do alot of females, I think Star Wars and video games in general are becomeing more widespread, and more females and homosexuals are now playing video games.


    Oh and another side note, all those people who feel haveing homosexuals in a video game can "brainwash" children so they'll end up turning gay. It is not possible, have you ever tried to change you sexuality? It's impossible. But it may lead the children to 1) be more accepting to people of different sexualitys and 2) those who are gay and play the games, will feel happier, accepted, and they are not freaks like homophobics call them which could lead to them coming out sooner and having a happier life.


    But who wants to make people feel good about themselves and feel accepted?


    Is it really such a bad thing to have a "gay" character.

  2. I wish you could choose your characters sexuality....And I wish they had prettier models for men :p. I dont want to be some fugly guy!!!  :ermm:


    Your right there are some pretty ugly characters in the game, choosing sexuality would be cool i liked having Juhani as a Lezbian and Visas as Bi it was cool though would be cool having bi male. When playing as a female i had her constantly wearing Dancers outfit because she was my character and i wanted her to look her best and the dancers out fit was a slutty/sexy outfit, the games not sexist just fun. But all games are going to be aimed a bit more to straight men bcause they are major buyers, take a look at Bladurs Gate Dark Alliance have you seen the females underwear they looked cool, the underwear was small and the physics engine made my character look sexy, it wasnt sexist just cool.



    Anyway i forgot completely what i was writing about and what my point was so if that made no sense at all soz.

  3. If there is a content patch i think it should only be th HK factory and the planet, maybe hooded robes and different lightsaber hilts.


    But they cant add the endings back as it will mess up the game and maybe ruin chances of a KOTOR3.


    At the end when talking to Traya she tells you that your party are the lost jedi, they simply needed a leader and a teacher. She tells you that they will train jedi, and Disciple will reform the council on corusant.


    But if the endings are added they will all die, so what will happen to the Jedi? These are the lost jedi that will create other jedi but without them who will train the jedi?

  4. Heres something that screws your theory. The Exile knew her mother. You can get the conversation where you tell her that her mother was a jedi and a great warrior without talking to Kreia or Handmaiden about it beforehand.


    Exile only comments on knowing the mother once Kreia has told the Exile about her the exile didnt actually no her.


    Kreia could be the Handmaidens mother, Kreia said Arren Kae was beautiful, Atton said Kreia was beautiful once, darkside makes Kreia look old. Kreia could hav Trained REvan under her name Arren Kae and then as Traya (perhaps shes the betrayer because she betrayed the jedi beliefs by falling in love and having a baby)

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