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  1. Greetings Dio,


    Thank you for taking the time and reporting this crash to us :) We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has been causing you. We have taken the liberty and submitted a ticket on your behalf regarding this issue. In the meantime, any updates or fixes will be posted on the community forum for all to see. 




    Hi adragpjlovic,

    no worries. I used to work as QA Engineer in a software house, I know how much these reports can be useful to find something else - I like to do my part for a product that I really enjoy. 

  2. This is a non-sporadic crash, at least for me, I have attached an error log. Apparently some game module still refers to steam even though I play the GOG version.

    The steps are as following:

    - go to the ship/world map

    - enter party management, dismiss your companions.

    - grab another set of companions

    - equip them etc.

    - re-enter party management and re-select your older companions

    - game crashes.


    The only way to move forward with this is to SAVE before re-entering the second selection, so that you can either exit or let the game crash, reload from where you were and then select your crew again, i.e. don't select a party two times in a row, I guess.

    If you do that it's not game breaking but it's still a pretty concerning bug.


    I am attaching the crash dump, the error log and a savegame you can use to reproduce the crash can be found here:










  3. For what is worth, I have onedrive installed and running on my machine (I have to use it for work) and it has the function to automatically save a png when you press hte printscreen file. I wouldn't recommend installing onedrive just for that (lol) but if you have it and keep it disabled, or someone else has it, worth nothing that with onedrive the screenshot feature works ok (just tested it a few times).


    Hope you can get it sorted out, mate.

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  4. Absolutely, they seem to be willing to go out of their way to fix the issue, and I'm for once totally happy to wait and support them.

    I mean, worse comes worst I don't see why they wouldn't be able to release the item as a console command for the gog users. Sure, it would defeat the idea of a scavenger hunt but, as anath said, they are pretty much public domain and obsidian was on board with the community sharing the efforts.

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