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  1. Things along the lines of character sketches and mapping out the interface for each game. For actual programming and a bulk of the in-game graphics I hope to have done by something else so I will have time to map out the next project while the first one is still in progress. The initial projects I want to do are rather small in scope to allow for an income stream to be built up more quickly and hopefully getting to the point around the third project to have enough revenue to go full time with it.

  2. Just what is UnrealEd? I'm not familiar with that.


    In regards to what I will be doing, I will be coordinating the development effort while planning out the next project. I know that I will need a diverse set of skills to pull it off, from writing a plot out, planning the elements out, doing graphics, and managing the business aspect of it. Right now I am trying to get a firm grasp of it before I jump into it so I will know which areas I will need to focus on for improvement and skill development.

  3. I'm a college student planning to go into the gaming industry and am curious about what development tools are currently being used at Obsidian and which ones are considered to be the most useful and what they are each used for.


    I am aware of things such as Maya and 3D Max but not aware of what, if any, upcoming things are set to take their place.

  4. Heck I haven't even played the game yet beyond the first planet because I've been waiting for the project to finish. :p


    WHAT!?! How do you even know that the game NEEDS a restoration then? Because other people say so? I think you're silly. ;) I LOVE the game with or without the RP. :*


    But I am excited to try it. To each his own, I guess...


    I was playing the game, got annoyed with the seemingly random way that influence was being dished out and started looking for stuff on the net about just what kind of things actually do cause influence. Eventually I stumbled across a site about the removed content, was stunned at how much I would be missing out on without it but was going to play it anyways. Until I found out about Team Gizka that is. ;) Now I get to look forward to playing missions on the Droid Planet as well due to the work of DStoney. So needless to say I'm excited at the prospect of playing such a good game in its entirety. :lol:


    Thing is... I tend to play games in spurts. There are the very few games that strike me just right that I can play anytime and never get tired of them. I'll usually play one game for a good amount of time, sometimes beating it if it hits me just right or lay it aside for a few years before picking it up and playing through it with a vengeance. Since I liked KOTOR 2 so much I set it aside so I wouldn't be in the middle setting it aside when the mod comes out and there would be a chance of me forgetting about it or not feel like playing it anymore.


    And yes. I am a complex individual. :p .

  5. What is with the new forum lay out? It only has one or two posts showing and then a bunch of links to other postings instead of posts them selves. Is everyone having this problem or am I just the lucky one to have had my settings get randomly switched?


    Oh and that last part was sarcasm by the way. I hate the new lay out and find it difficult to navigate properly.

  6. Down to 7? Is that some new way of saying the number of glitches that have been found just went up again or is it coming down from 8?


    Anyhow, I really don't mind as the glitch would still have to be fixed before the public version regardless of when it was discovered. whether in now or in the closed beta testing. Better now then latter I say, otherwise the team would just get flooded all at once instead of dealing with a slow stream.

  7. Let's not start another flame war here... I don't think that the mods would enjoy locking and restarting this thread... again...


    Anyhow, since the feature issues are grayed out I don't think them getting fixed is a requirement for the mod being released. That means that all we should have to wait for is the one major error, two tweaks, and one trivial error before the closed beta starts. My estimate is that the beta will be released sometime near the end of the month and the public release around late December to mid January.

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