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  1. -> 0

    Found it. You can have it back.

  2. "And I don't see why they hate DR"

    I believe the phrase is "pushing your buttons."

  3. "Besides, chris loves everybody.

    With hate. "

    That's so funny I'm stealing it and claiming it for my own.

  4. "Especially the ones that are guys."

    They all are where I live.

  5. "He sent me PM after PM of things that shouldn't be mentioned."

    Yes, it should. In gross detail. Spill it.

  6. "I have never understood the appeal of dark and dreary story lines."

    That's it, I'm breaking up with you.

  7. "I know a friend of mine who works at a really dodgy studio known for making crap games"

    Lionhead or Gas Powered Games?

  8. "Now, ancient people found their clothes got cleaner if they washed them at a certain spot in the river. You know why?"

    - No.

    "Human sacrifices were once made on the hills above this river. Bodies burnt, water speeded through the wood ashes to create lye.

    This is lye - the crucial ingredient. The lye combined with the melted fat of the bodies, till a thick white soapy

  9. "Small size is great."

    She's lying to you.

  10. *cough*

    Erm, so how about that local sports team?

  11. *pat pat*

    *pat pat*

    It's okay.

  12. *snaps Walkerguy's kneck*

    That's for blowing my cover.

  13. *something witty*

    In honesty, I have no particular interest in whatever conversation is going on here, I just feel like butting in.

  14. Tale

    1) In the debate of blonde v. brunette, where does the grey streaked brown fit in? It's both white and brown.

    2) Archie, I imagine the reason you don't have rivalries is because you're on an island far removed from anyone culturally similar to you.

  15. 1/3 = .333 recurring

    .333 recurring x3= .999 recurring

  16. A girl turned on by math and fire?

    Marry me.

  17. Ahh, I remember high school summer marching band practice. God, I hated that. I hated it to death. So I stopped going! I stopped going to performances, I stopped actually playing my saxaphone in class. And they kept giving me A s.

    I have no idea how that happened.

    PS: If it's annoying you, delete their comments. Don't let them clutter up your profile page.

  18. Archie! Bad!

    I'm sorry, Brittany. I forgot to keep him on a leash.

  19. Cows..crazy cat lady...

    I think I know you!

  20. Crashing through the night

    Comes a fear full cry

    Cobra! Cobra! Cobra! Cobra!

    Armies of the night

    Evil taking flight

    Cobra! Cobra! Cobra! Cobra!

    No where to run

    No where to hide

    Panic spreading far and wide

  21. Dear Comment reader,


  22. Did the dinner in Venice mean nothing to you? Or the nights in Paris!?


  23. Dorky, yes. Kid, no. Chocolate? Not a fan of sweets.

    Blasted hippies.

  24. Tale

    Fighting over an e-girl? Why am I not surprised?

    Oh yeah.

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