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  1. Thank you! Now you have solved the problem of freezing at the entrance to the sub-level of the engwithan arena !!! Thank you !!


    Had to try it out myself and sure enough, I seem to be able to enter the sub-level without any troubles now.


    Have to give it another try later in the weekend to make sure it isn't a fluke, but if it isn't: thank you for fixing this annoying issue!

  2. Just to extinguish even the more improbable options, in addition to rolling a new character, I also tried going to the Sub-Arena without entering any of the other rooms in the Dig Site, as well as entering it before I talk to the people in the cage, but nothing worked.


    I did notice though, that in both of my "playthroughs" the Sub-Arena was missing the appropriate yellow diamond-shaped map icon. Can't say if that's related or not, but worth mentioning, I suppose.

  3. I'm having this same issue (though thankfully, forcing the application to close works for me). Every other area transition, even within the Engwithan Dig Site, works fine. It's only the Arena Sub-Level that refuses to work. And since I think you have to go there to progress, I hope there's either a reliable workaround, or this gets patched fairly quickly.

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