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  1. If Obsidian did deside to go more indepth with the Space Jocky story I want to know how they will handle it... I've read that in some of the books it is designed with an Elephants trunk but in the original design the 'trunk' was supposed to be a air hose and there is a helmet around the Space Jockys head too.


    In the comics, the Jockey is shown to have an elephantine trunk. This is inconsistent with the original concept. An inspection of the concept art done by H.R. Giger, shows that the "trunk" is supposed to be an air hose and there is a helmet surrounding the Jockey's head. This is also supported by the fact that soft tissue such as elephant trunks do not fossilize. This does not leave out the possibility of a different kind of trunk, but the one depicted in the comics is very much like an elephant's. None of the works depicting the Jockey with a "trunk" are considered canon - the only canon appearance of the Space Jockey is in Alien and its novelization and directly related works.



    Also I wonder how they will act towards people I read that in some of the books the Space Jocky want to wipe out humanity or inslave them but only choose not to due to there hate for the Xenomorphs, but the actors and crew of the original movie felt that the Space Jocky was more of a noble and peaceful race.


    In Mark Verheiden's graphic novel series Aliens, a Space Jockey-like creature is encountered, and is able to communicate telepathically with humans. It is shown with pink skin, a tail and an elephantine trunk, and yellow, cross-shaped eyes. In the novels the Space Jockey's race are shown to be malevolent, only refraining from attacking humans due to their immense hatred of the Xenomorphs; a common enemy. They intend to wipe out and/or enslave humanity once their war with the Xenomorphs is over. Later books never expand on the idea.


    The Book of Alien notes that the actors and crew felt instinctively that the Space Jockey was a benign creature, though they could not say why. In the novelization of Alien by Alan Dean Foster Ash describes the Space Jockey's race as a noble people and hopes that mankind will encounter them under more pleasant circumstances. It also states that they were larger, stronger and possibly more intelligent than humans.




    I would prefer if the Aliens RPG if touching on anything to do with the Space Jockey/Pilot would try to keep it as close to the original idea behind the Space Jockey as possible... No Trunk and not an agressive race.

  2. Alpha Protocol isnt an RPG where you can design the main Character, Obsidian have taken the route of designing the character themselves so he will have a somewhat set personality and style otherwise creating the character themselves would have been completely pointless. They have choosen him to be a ladies man and not a homosexual and there shouldn't be a problem with that at all.


    If he was strictly gay I wouldn't really have a problem with that either but the sad truth is that it would probably hurt the sales figures.

  3. This game WILL get a huge marketing campaign believe me, every time I hear sneeky bits of info about Sega (hey its my job) I never stop hearing how much Sega is impressed with Alpha Protocol... I've heard it from a few different sources too, all saying that Sega thinks it will be a beast.


    I'm hope they are right, I believe they are.

  4. Overall I think the game sounds awesome, I am also a bit worried about the timed dialogue I like to take a bit of time to think about my answers...


    Not sure about the unlimited ammo either.


    Other then that though, I think it sounds awesome.

  5. I've been asking around and I don't think ANYONE has seen this trailer.


    Are you sure it exists? haha


    I'm 100%


    Although I dont know what happened to it a PR guy at the event said that everything shown will be released onto Segas FTP but it didn't show up...


    Sorry guys. :unsure:

  6. Yes it was, they were only showing off the Sea battles and I have got to say as a Total War fan since Showgun and having always been dreaming of some ship to ship battles, they seem to be an awesome addition. The ocean looks fantastic and it isnt just something they have tacked on, they seem to have put just as much effort into making the ship battles awesome as they have done with land battles.


    So much you can do.


    We will have info on Empires up later today, I'll post it in the general games forum here when it goes up.

  7. Ok well it seems that Sega havent yet released the trailer we were shown to the public so I am afriad it is a bit of a waiting game at the mo... I don't know when it will be shown but it isnt on their FTP yet and we wont be posting anything until we get the teaser trailer.


    I'll give you some info on the video from what we saw/remember.

    The trailer was pretty short, probably under 30 seconds long and it had some pretty nice music playing over with no ingame sounds, the trailer was ingame as far as I am aware, it showed one clip of Thorton shooting at some guys from behind a wall and another clip of him talking to a woman. Graphics were nice although character modles seems a bit 'plasticy' at times.


    When I find more info I'll bring it here.

  8. Sega Gamers Day is over and I can tell you Alpha Protocol made an appearance in the form of a video. (not playable)

    I can't tell you anything about it as most games at Sega Gamers Day are under an embargo until Friday.


    This is just a heads up, I would expect to see some news maybe even the trailer tomorrow!


    (Aliens RPG was a no show)

  9. I really enjoyed the game, I hear the end gets a bit silly 'twisted' but from what I played it keeps the creepy tone of the original game and looks sharper, forensics and fight mechanics are much better.


    I don't own the game I'm waiting for the PC version but after playing it on my girlfriends Xbox360 I enjoyed what I played as did she.

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