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  1. One thing I’m really concerned about is al the negative reviews and comments they are getting is seriously damaging the sales of the game.


    It’s only barely in the top 10 in steam.


    People would be reading comments on the forums stating the game is broken because of the difficulty issues ( its impossible to die) and not buying the game until it’s fixed


    Well, they already had some base from POE1 as 90% of abilities are copy pasted. They didnt make everything from scratch.

    In a way though, they did have to redesign everything from scratch. Altering some of the core combat mechanics created a ripple effect of requisite changes, which means a lot of labor had to go into pretty much building a new combat system mostly from the ground up. It's unfortunate actually, because I think the new combat system offers significantly less depth than PoE1.


    It's doubly a shame because I think the gameplay outside of combat is greatly improved in the sequel but could have been even better if they had mostly stuck with PoE1's combat, injuries and resting rules. I have some more thoughts about this and will probably make a new topic on it, but suffice to say, almost all the combat encounters ask the player to play one way and only one way, and to do so over and over again.


    I think you will enjoy it more after they fix the difficulty issues,


    It is currently impossible to die with a party of five on POTD

  3. It's the Bugsidian way: release a flawed gem and then polish it for a few years while working on the next title. Anyone who's seen this show before realizes that the final picture of 'balance' the devs hit upon won't be reached for a year if not longer, and certainly long after all the extra content has been released and bugfixed.

    1 year away from getting fixed?


    I serisously hope not, they should be fixing the difficulty on POTD soon


    Sawyer said it will be done in the second patch


    If being truthful about others experiences with the game's performance and current state is going to make me the bad guy, I have no issues with that. The negative reviews are what the devs treasure and read, unlike members here, they will take that constructive criticism as a positive note and use it to improve Deadfire, the dlc's and their upcoming game.

    Ofcourse Obsidian want constructive criticism, but that's really not what's going on here. You're being completely tunnelvisioned, and your claims are false. It's not debatable. The consensus on steam, and on metacritic is that 90% of the reviews are very to overwhelmingly positive. An unplayable bugfest as you describe would NEVER get such reviews. Noone is saying, that there isn't any bugs, but it's really a minor issue for the most part. You're grasping at straws to force your false narrative upon this forum, and it's getting so damn old.



    I edited this for master guardian's choice of words. 



    ~ Gorgon



    I have no idea how it made it from PoE1 without getting nerfed. 


    Maybe they finally decided they would rather let us have fun than "balance" everything? I'm having a lot more fun in Deadfire than I did in PoE 1 and part of the reason is how grossly overpowered you can become. 


    You should be able to select a difficulty level that is appropriate though


    currently there is no hard difficaulty

  6. OK.


    So the idea was to build a rogue mulitclassed with another class so i could be this weapon of mass destruction.


    I was going to achieve  this by selecting both active and passive abilities mainly to bolster my offense and defense.


    For example for the rogue i was going to select all the rogues obvious passives, eg sneak attack, backstab, deathblows, and the extra hit to crit passives plus the a few other goodies and then say use wizard spells to keep him alive and boost the output of the damage (Rogue/ Wizard spell-blade) 


    Problem is this is a game where you can recruit other party members or companions and the issue is these other companions are better at buffing you then you are at buffing yourself.


    For example the ciphers pain block is an incredible buff to help keep my rogue alive, and the priests devotions of the faithful (+20 accuracey) is a better buff that i could ever dream of applying to myself.


    So what is the point of multiclassing??


    I think they have over balanced multiclassing to point where its not worth it





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