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    Im going to do my first playthrough will single class. The benefits i see of this are:


    - you get to learn the classes before you start playing around with multis

    - will be easier for my first playthrough, it needs to be because its my first playthrough

    - better replayabilty for future playthroughs because ive gotten singles out of the way and can experiment with mulits later


    Im thinking two playthroughs of five singles and then another 5 singles!

  2. If you take Confounding Blind you can still crit like crazy. But yes - a buff with Intuitive like Disciplined Strike would be nice for rogues as well. Or a strike that paralyzed (comes later with the rogue). Paralyzed enemies give you 50% hit-to-crit conversion.


    Also Finishing/Devastating Blow multiple times per encounter is a lot more powerful than in PoE. Same as multiple invisibility uses (in order to stack Backstab, Sneak and later Deathblows) - in PoE it was 2/rest.

    hang on hang on hang on


    The rogues ability to passively crit in the first game (without using per encounter/ rest abilities ) like blind, hobble is gone. 


    I dont think you are quite realising the significance of this. This has been taken away and compensated with more abilites that are almost excactly the same as the first games abilities eg blind, hobble, weaken applying afflictions.


    Seriosly WTF rogues have been nerfed and they where allready weak in the Pillars 1 late game. The ability that made rogues strong in the Pilllars 1 early game has been taken away Reckless assualt!!!!! now they are weak all the game!!!!!


    And the weapon stacking accuracy talents are gone aswell so yoyu cant stack with RA.




    divinity OS2 was entirely voice acted.


    If they want Deadfire to be a genuine contender with with DOS2 they should have alot of voice acting


    that was one thing i noticed in the BETA was that there was alot of non voice acted boring script that I usually just skipped through because i couldnt be bothered reading it



    That's nice. What does this have to do with the thread again?


    Regarding DLC content, I suspect the open world exploration element to sailing through the archipelago and bumping into stuff along the way is bound to make it easier to add new DLC content into this map - I feel it's probably fairly easy to add an island or group of islands to an ever-expanding chain of them if there is demand for more content still. Here's hoping the DLCs are as "beefy" as the White March DLCs were at least, but if they are more bite-sized (as the price tag may suggest) I hope we might still get to see a meatier expansion later as well.

    Yeah good question. This post got moved from another thread to this one. A mod must have done it accidentally


    What major differences do you see that will make the rogue better then the first game ?You didn’t like them in the first game at all. Why have you changed your tune?

    First of all: I never said or meant that I don't like rogues in PoE. I like them. I only said that they are the weakest class in PoE. Mainly because they fall behind in the mid to late game due to the lack on any AoE and no multiplicative damage mods like lashes or whatever. Doesn't matter...The rogue in Deadfire interrupts with every active ability on it (correct Gromnir), which is great. He's is not as squishy, has even more tools to avoid damage (I like the immunity to engagement after a crit but think Escape is too expensive) and can turn invisible multiple times per encounter (cool and useful). That's on the plus side.What I don't like about the new rogue is that he has a lot of active abilites (most of them a bit unimpressive if you don't abuse them - like Arterial Strike or Confounding Blind) that compete for guile but are not very distinct and that he only has a few interesting passives.At the moment he plays very well as a "behind enemy lines" striker who can lock down and kill casters very quickly. As Gromnir said, he's very useful against the Engwithan Saints.Of course atm a rogue feels a lot better in a multiclass setup because Power Level doesn't do a lot for him and his good abilites (most importantly Sneak Attack and Backstab) come pretty early and can be combined with multiplicative lashes. And since we can't see what comes past lvl 9 we can't be sure if a single class rogue will be equal in power to a multiclass one. I really hope that some of the stuff that got data-mined is an ability that gives the rogue a lash (be it raw damage from poison or corrosive or whatever) so that his additive dmg mods scale better in the late game.

    That’s a great rundown but a rogue could do all that in pillars 1. I haven’t really had a look at the increased interrupts yet but I hope it’s good.yeah I agree a lot of there abilities are very mediocre and I can’t see them having to much of an effect.


    One thing I loved a bout rogues in pillars 1 was how often they critted, with the loss of reckless assault and other accuracy talents this may well be a thing of the past.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but after playing the BETA I get the feeling that deadfire is more goofy and gimmicky and less hardcore dungeons and dragons then the first game.


    It appears to not be as dark D&D can get and I have seen things like goofy items and characters, scenery ect.....


    One of the reasons I didn’t like Divinity os2 was because of how goofy it was. I hope deadfire is not headed in tha5 direction.

  6. He said that based on data that didn't include beta4, only beta1-beta3. Fact.Also it doesn't matter that much if they are lowest dps - what matters is if they are useful or not.In beta4 rogues got interrupt abilities for all their strikes (great improvement) as well as more ability points for single classes. Also Assassination/Backstab from invisibility was fixed as well as Backstabs with ranged weapons. So now we can only guess what telemetry says about ne new rogue.

    What major differences do you see that will make the rogue better then the first game ?


    You didn’t like them in the first game at all. Why have you changed your tune?

  7. @OP


    Sawyer has come and and officially stated that a single class rogue is currently the lowest DPS melee class in there analytics statistics.


    So i regret that i must say that you are 100% wrong. 


    I think they are about to get a buff though in the next patch


    Also the loss of reckless assault and other weapon specialization talents that stack accuracy from the first game has severely impacted a rogues effectiveness. They can no longer Crit like they use too.


    And imo the rogues evasive talents require too much micro and loss of DPS when either sneaking or invis. Compare this to a fighter with unbending who can sit there basically invincible and still dish out damage


    If the rogue stays in its current weak state i see them being only a token class that is hardly ever used 

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  8. Well that’s a huge difference...

    They are still very powerful talents that fighters couldnt get in pillars 1


    do you have access to the BETA?


    Do you think fighter are better then barbs, rogues?


    Rogues are basically the same as pillars 1 but without reckless assault.....................yep they downgraded the one of the weakest classes even more

  9. Is Armored Grace less effective in Deadfire than it was in POE1?


    > Immunity to affflictions, dex, resolve , might 


    Where does this come from?

    they have bumped up armoured grace to 25% from 16% so it is more powerful then pillars 1


    the affliction immuntities are talents to choose from at level up based on how they are inflicted eg dex, resolve ect

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