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  1. Have you been through the tunnels?


    this is right after t3m4 got melted....after the talk with atton...i am stuck.


    Run back the way you came-back towards Kriea. In the room with the destroyed droid (the one just after the security room as your heading back) you should see a new opening on the right-its almost directly across from the droid. That takes you down into the tunnels. (It should be on your map as well as leading down to the steam tunnels)

  2. Theres nothing like a warm welcome, and that guys and girls is not a warm welcome. If you think he's an idiot or just messing around then just don't post anything, don't go around insulting him because, guys, your the ones coming across as the idiots.

  3. When he allowed some bum writer to add the resurrection scheme to the mix, it negated his story ( his art and craft). Lucas allowed his art to become pointless to make a quick buck for whatever reason.


    Once again, I am not against any of the EU that doesn't conflict with the films. The Palpatine resurrection fiasco directly affects the films. it makes them irrelevent.


    That is totally true, and I don't think anyone would argue with you about that. It can also be noted that the best of the EU-in my opinion anyway-doesn't deal directly with the charactors from the films but with charactors who were developed afterwards (or who had very minor roles in the films, such as Wedge Antillies). By the same token it can be argued that giving Vader an apprentice is almost as bad-If you are trained and apprenticed to a lord of the sith doesn't that make you a sith? and shouldn't there only two sith at a time.....? The EU is becoming a mess, and it is in some cases flatly contadicting the films.


    What I'm arguing is that it is unfair to place all the blame on GL, or accuse him of simply being out for a quick buck. I have serious doubts that he sits down and reads all the stuff that is relesed into the EU, at most he's probably just asked for general comments on outlines and even then he employs people to handle most of that. Shoving all the blame on his shoulders is like complaining to the archetect of a building that you don't like the wall paper someone else put up inside.


    If the EU is turning into a fiasco, and being seen as a cash-cow then I think the blame has to fall on LA, rather than GL himself. It is LucasArts who are responsible for licencing new material, it is LA who are the ones to pick the writers and ultimatly it is LA who is the one dictating how much stuff is getting released. Looking at the quality of what they have been releasing over the last few years, I have to wonder if LA has started to realise that while Starwars sells, crappy starwars just puts people off in the long run. I for one have been put off Starwars books in the last few years because, franky, they are at best poor and at worst not worth the ink they were printed with. I know more than a few Starwars fans who have likewise said that they will never buy another SW computer game after TSL until they have read the reviews very carefully. If they keep going they will kill the entire franchise at this rate.


    Anyway, in an attempt to return to the real topic of the thread. Lets hope that the lack of real news about K3 is because LA wants to give themselves time to finish the game and release it when its ready. Instead of feeling presured to release it early-as they did TSL-just to make sales (which if the game is good they will get regardless of what time of year it comes out).

  4. As far as using EU to keep fan interest alive, you clearly weren't alive when Star Wars was released.


    You'd be wrong, I am to young to have seen Star Wars at the cinema but I used to watch it on TV at lot....and boy do I mean a lot lol. I didn't mean interest at the time the first three films were being made, but afterwards. While they did produce comics from the early 80's the EU didn't really start running at full speed until the books began to come out, which was around 1991 with the Heir to the Empire series. (I should have been clearer as to what I mean when I posted before). The release of the books was about increasing interest and in getting money for the future films-which I seem to recall were being seriously considered at this time.


    Let me be more specific. Lucas struck a deal with 20th Century Fox to own the rights to the merchandising. After the initial release of Star Wars in 1977, he made so much money off of merchandise that he didn't need 20th Century Fox or any other studio to complete his films, he still retained them for distribution only. In other words, from ESB on he had enough money from merchandising to bankroll any LucasFilm project he desired. He didn't need any more money from EU comics/novels/etc.


    Sort of true, but you missed the logical point that in the case of Starwars the money wasn't just about making the films, but also about developing the technology that went into them. A large amount of the special effects in the prequels were developed by Lucasarts and the companies GL set up when he made SW. Creating the technologies took money, and while some of that would have come from other projects (ie films they worked on) a lot of it had to come from other sourses-the EU and new merchandising would have helped a great deal. I can understand how it would look greedy, and LA is a business and set up to make money, but thats only part of the story.


    That said, what I meant in my previous post was that he let other people taint his art (his story) with really bad sci-fi. I don't mind the EU that isn't related to the films. But to allow someone to make your art (his films) obsolete and pointless was due to greed over craft.


    I'd have to agree with you there, although I'll add that I think that the greed came from LA rather than from GL. Some of the writers of the EU stuff should have been banned from writing a shopping list, let alone a book/comic

  5. Yes, it does. The real story is the movie serial. The EU is crap written by horrible writers. It's too bad that Lucas cares more about money than his art. Even if you include the EU, the Palpatine ressurrection crapfest is a new story.


    I don't think that the whole EU stuff was done simply to line GL's own pockets, but so that he could get enough money to make the rest of the films. There is also the timing of the EU-for the most part it started after Jedi was made, and rather than just making money it was also about keeping interest in SW alive for future films/projects. I agree that a lot of the EU stuff is total crap, but then you can say exactly the same thing about any film or tv series that has spin offs etc. Guess in SW case its not helped when two of the films deal with Deathstars, how do you write a follow on to a story where the bad guys can destroy planets at will? Not easy, and owing to the way SW was set out from the start all the writers concentrated on large Galaxy shattering threats, rather on what would have made for better stories on a smaller scale. (Well, within reason. I can't see episode VII; Return of the Hangnail being a good story)


    There are some very good books in the SWEU, the Rogue Squadron series of books spring to mind as do the heir of the empire series. Unfortunatly like anything else there are also more than a few stinkers around, but compared to a lot of other Sci-fi shows/films there are fewer than you'd think.

  6. GL could do it, if he had a director who could hold his own against him, and who got on well with him. Speilberg would be the first person who springs to my mind-the two of them are good friends and have worked together before. Of course thats no going to happen, any more than GL will make more starwars films-or at least not for a long time...

  7. It seems that there will be an new Indiana Jones film out in 2008 with a computer game released around the same time as the film. And what, you may ask, does this have to do with K3? Well, I seem to recall that LA has stated that they are only going to do/release two games per year. If that is true then they are either going to do K3 for a 2008 release or we'll have to wait until 2009. This is based on the assumption that if K3 was going to be out this year they would have told us by now, of course K3 could be slated for a late 2007 release, or they might have bent the rules on the number of games they will release-they might not have included games already in development when they said 2 games-per-year.

  8. Better graphics... maybe a less glitchy battle system, more noodz.

    What are "noodz?" :huh:



    Better graphics... maybe a less glitchy battle system, more noodz.

    What are "noodz?" :huh:

    After a quick search on Urbandictionary i found the word, and it was... creepy. :unsure:




    So what he wants is Knights of the Old Republic; The Porn Lords.


    Can't see Lucasarts going with that idea somehow......

  9. MMO's tend to require far more development time than a normal game-at least twice the time as you need far more to do, and you have the potential for more glitches/bugs. If they are talking about one now chances are I would think it would be intended to come out after KOTOR 3 (assuming they make KOTOR 3). This could be both good and bad. If they make a KOTOR MMO they would want to bring it out as close to KOTOR 3 as they could-extra interest/promotion. This would mean that KOTOR might have a much longer development time than TSL-a good thing I'm sure most of you would agree in the long run (providing they start K3 at the same time as the MMO). Of course that could also mean that we have longer to wait-maybe two years or more for K3. Then there is the little fact that K3 could, like TSL, be pushed into a release before its fully finished simply so the MMO gets its free advertising if they fail to grant the developers enough time. The MMO would, of course, bring in more money via subscription than a stand alone game and this could screw up priorities, leaving K3 as the poor man of the series.


    Might they be considering a new MMO? I think its likely it is being considered at some level to replace Galaxies-which doesn't seem to getting much if any love-and releasing one basied on the KOTOR series would make sense. If they do I can't see them dropping K3, but the real question would be if they understand that a good K3 could give the MMO a very big headstart when its released......if they don't do K3, or do a bad job they could run into problems......

  10. It is believed that they did fight without clothes, one of my teachers at school has read about the Battle of Thermopylae, and how that the Spartans did fight without any clothes,


    That might make sense in some situations. If they were naked and oiled up it would be very difficult for an opponent to grab hold of them. (Ladies, please restrain yourselves at the mental imagies :woot: ). I know the fights that were held in the original Olympics involved the contestants stripping and oiling themselves, so they might have brought this into warfair or taken it from their battles.


    It would also mean that clothing wouldn't be forced into a wound and cause an infection-some duelists in the 17-1800's would fight bare chested so if they were hit their clothing wasn't forced into the wound. Given that most of the wounds in a Greek era battle are likely to have been from penatrating wounds (from spears and arrows), rather than from cuts from swords this would make sense.


    It could also be that the Spartian armies were meant to move quickly, in which case dropping some of the armour would make sense. The Hopilite/Phalanx formation was intended largely for only short distance warfair-defending homes for the most part-not for treking long distances. Spartans might have left everything but their weapons at home if they needed to be somewhere very quickly. And if that meant they were wearing no armour they might as well have got rid of the clothing before battle as it would have made little difference to the way they could fight. (The Spartans at Thermopylae might have been sent there was quickly as possible, in which case they might have left as much heavy equipment as they could at home so they could move as quickly as possible).


    Then fighting naked could have been a way for the Spartans to show that they were not afraid of an opponent-'Look, we are so brave/powerful/fearless we don't need armour' or just a way to scare the opposition. The Celts used to fight naked as well to frighten enemies and for the warriors to show their bravery.

  11. I really liked TSL because you could train everyone but Mandy and the droids to be Jedi due to the influence system. I don't know if this was in the first game because I haven't played that one but I plan to find out soon.


    KOTOR 1 had no influence system, it was an addition to TSL. This was one of the few things in KOTOR that really annoyed/made me laugh-no matter how badly you treated your party members they would still tell you their whole life story....Likewise being able to train members of your party is only a part of TSL-unless you pick up a mod from somewhere.

  12. Off the top of my head your half right. Hoplites were the main unit of Greek Warfair, typically landowners who were expected to buy their own equipment which included the spear, heavy shield and armour. They were the Greek heavy infantry. However, I seem to recall that there were other types of Greek units who lacked such heavy equipment (they simply couldn't afford any of it). Don't ask me for further information, lol, its late as I write this and my mind is goo...ok gooier than normal :bat:

  13. cut off limbs would mean M rating though.


    I'm assuming that you are talking about the US version of Academy-I might be confusing my games a little but I'm sure you can cut arms off in the UK version of the game. I do know that there is a mod around somewhere that allows you to litrally dis-arm opponents, just can't recall where I saw it.

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