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  1. Hi! Whats the Korriban glitch exactly??  :)


    it's when you keep disturbing the corpses on the surface of Korriban (those outside the ship that Kreia warns you against).. every time you touch them a Hsiss Dragon is spawned.. so the glitch is pretty much about doing that over and over until you reach your desired level.. boring - but allows you to reach lvl 50..


    Rather than using the glitch which takes a while, why not just... *ahem* edit it a little so you gain all the required exp? I prefer the latter ^_^


    edit: First play-through I ended around level 32 Lightsider - guardian/weapon master, second play-through ended at level 50 (console [~] commands are fun ^_^ ) Darksider - consular/sith lord

  2. Mira used the Space Suit, and it wasn't lethal, all you needed was the breath mask. I assume when Visquis gasses the Exile it is super concentrated. I have to assume that or it wouldn't make sense.


    Also thanks for Vjun. That planet was the most fun.... of those that I did.


    In the cutscene when you first entered the bar, it was super concentrated - or atleast thats the impression I got. Kreia then rambles about this Force power she just decided to tell you :crazy: Frankly, I would have prefered to know about the bloody Force power before I entered the bar.

  3. What was the industrial planet with the acid rain in Jedi Academy?


    That would be Vjun ^_^


    Planets that you need a certain power to protect yourself, and that power should not be replaceable with equipment like a re-breather in the Jekk Jekk Tar..... Unless the power surrounds you with an annoying blue bubble. It should also work if similar circumstances arise like um, gas. 


    You didn't use the re-breather... you used a space suit lol :- As for that Force power... the great blue bubble of breath (that sounds ...weird doesn't it?), it surrounded you because they said the gas is lethal to non-humans :aiee:

  4. Sorry for the lateness of this particular post, I was busy with some work for a while.


    I disagree with that statement because in KotOR II you have Dark Nihilus (spelling?) using that power that completly destorys life/drains the Force from the planet or whatever he fed on at that particular moment.  Beyond that single point, I agree


    So you are saying that if say Master Vrook knew how to drain life from an entire planet, then he is evil? Like I've said, no force power is inherently light or dark. What if Vrook decides to never use that power? Or what if he uses it for good intentions or only uses it when the justification for the use of that power is reasonable?


    I wasn't actually suggesting that using the power was evil because as Kreia put it, he doesn't necessaraly control the power, it controls him. If by believing that, then you could assume that Nihilus is not evil, because he cannot control what he does. And I realize I'm contradicting my previous post, but oh well lol. But then considering the way that SW is fictional, and it does have black & white, light & dark, you could then say Nihilus is "evil" when he is or is not depending on your views.


    For example, would Revan be considered as evil if he drained the life out of someone who burnt his house down, pissed on the ashes, killed his parents and raped Bastila? I wouldn't blame Revan for slowly torturing the scumbag to death, and then finishing him off by slowly devouring his life in a scenario like that. Would you?


    As to that, that is entirely up to how the person chooses to view life; does the person believe in absolute evil and absolute good, if so then they have the higher probability of deeming Revan "evil" for those acts. But then, seeing as how I have nothing against getting revenge, I wouldn't consider Revan to be "evil" for those acts, as he is just repaying in kind the... suffering persay.


    The Jedi are retards. If someone uses force lightning, then to the Jedi, they're instantly bad, when that is not always the case. What if someone used force crush to crush a can of cool drink once they've finished it? Are they evil?


    The Jedi shouldn't avoid using the dark side all together, as their would be benefits to using it. What the Jedi should of taught their students was how to use the dark side responsibly. How to not abuse it, to not treat it like a toy, kind of like with a car.


    Of course the Jedi are retards lol, so are the Sith. They both adhere to one "side" of the Force and if anything goes against that it is suddenly labled "bad/good." As to that question of is someone used force crush, nah they wouldn't be "evil," to be honest I think it would be funny to watch lol. I completely agree with what you said in the second paragraph though, nicely put.


    But in the end, Xard is right. Star Wars is a fictional fairytale world where the DS = evil and the LS = good. It's pretty stupid how it's portrayed that way, but Star Wars has always been simple, black and white and cartoonish.




    In K3, I'd like to see DS'ders who are 'good' and LS'ders who are 'evil', just to show that you can use LS powers for evil intentions and you can use DS powers for good intentions.


    To be entirely honest, I'm not sure how LS powers could be used "evilly," that is, unless the person is being irritatable then they could use destory droid to get rid of some bothersome droid lol...

  5. I aswell would like to see them both appear in the KotOR III. Not at first though, get some party members then go off on the main quest and you meet up with one of them, say the Exile for this example, you meet up with the Exile and he/she joins the party then you go off to search for Revan & eventually find & help him

  6. Hmmm I would enjoy working with Bastila again IF she wasn't as snobby... that got rather irritating in KotOR I when she was being all "jedi princinessy" (that a word? ...eh is now...) and saying 'Don't do this', 'Don't do that' 'What are you doing?!' <--- stuff around that.

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