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  1. As I haven’t played the beta, and therefore lack the context: could you elaborate a little bit on the whys of that specific conclusion?

    Chanter just, in my opinion, lends itself well to being multiclassed with its more passive approach to casting. I tried out chanter/paladin recently to see if I wanted to multiclass a companion that way and it was great fun.

    For the barbarian I initially wanted to multiclass corpse eater and nalpazca and make the Deadfire version of a cannibal bathsalts eater but I didn't care for multiclassed monk that much :p

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  2. Now that a lot of us has played the beta exhaustively and tried a lot of classes and multiclasses, and probably have a party line up in mind for release day, is your favorite class in PoE1 still your favorite? Do you think you will run it either single or multied, or will you take the chance to reroll completely?

    Personally my favorite, Wizard, is still my number one pick and my first run will be as a single wizard. My runner up classes that tickled my fancy in PoE1, chanter and barbarian will likely be multied however.

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