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  1. The dialogue upon reaching the first positive disposition with Maia doesn't trigger.

    Dropbox link to affected savegame:




    To reproduce:


    -Insert Cornett into the statue

    -Talk to Gwenfin and choose the options that increase reputation with Maia (clever and streetwise options). This should push Maias reputation to 1

    -See how nothing happens:)


    This has already been reported for the 2.1 patch beta. 




    As I didn't see anything regarding this issue in the patch notes, i assume iths not working as intended.


  2. Well, I'll answer my own question. Modwyr grants the immunity to Intellect afflictions once you complete her soulbond. She also seems like an excellent, endgame-worthy sword. Legendary (for 30k gold), lash, stacking attack speed buff, immunity to intellect afflictions and gives a stunning per-encounter attack.


    Unfortunately, the attack buff is only triggered by auto attacks not abilities as far as I can tell. Considering that most battles are over relatively quickly (playing on veteran), I never have more than a few stacks of the buff.

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