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  1. Cdiaz's post in POE2 timeline is still not fixed was marked as the answer   
    Hey Aramintai,
    Yep, we have this logged and are awaiting pushing it forward. Thanks for the info!
    You the best,
  2. Cdiaz's post in Steam & Obsidian Account, U-Fig Edition-No DLC was marked as the answer   
    Hey rachkir,
    We were having technical issues with Steam as well for the Ultimate Fig Edition, that it looks like should be resolved at this time. If you could close and reopen your Steam client it should resolve the issue. If not please let me know and we can try to troubleshoot further.
  3. Cdiaz's post in Devoted Monks was marked as the answer   
    Hey all!
    Thank you for bringing this up. I have entered this info to our monthly feedback page to make sure it gets looked at, as it has been brought up for last patch as well. I'll add the bug in about it suppressing unarmed since there is no proficiency for it yet. Please keep vigilant in bringing these up!
    You the best,
  4. Cdiaz's post in bounding boots doesnt work was marked as the answer   
    Hey Augusto!
    thanks for the post, can you provide an image or save file this issue is occurring for you? It is currently working as intended on my end, so any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Cdiaz's post in Monk Unarmed fighting is STILL bugged after a save/load was marked as the answer   
    Hey Kdubya,
    We are still working intently on unarmed to get it to an acceptable state. A lot of the bugginess is still around as we figure out the best way to change it, then go from there, as it may be different. Thanks for the info though, I'm going to note that this is a big issue for players and is still being brought up in the latest patch.
    You the best,
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