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  1. I've found a few background issues in Redric's hold dungeons. I've experienced glitchy backgrounds in the skeletons room / animancers room. Also seen elsewhere in the castle. This is the Steam version.


    On the hold I'm finding the Steam version very stable (if a bit slow), nothing like other people have been reporting, just a couple of minor issues here and there.

  2. I found a few small bugs in Pillars of Eternity. This one concerns the quest involving Purnisc's house where he is tied up by the Svef dealers. After completing the quest I returned to tell Kaenra at the Goose and Fox but a variable name was inserted into the text. Sorry I can't be more specific about which piece of text it is but hopefully checking the code will reveal the issue.


    I did take a screenshot but Steam appears to have deleted it for some reason. I can't find it anyway.

  3. I'm doing the Parable of Wael quest. I killed all the enemies near the farmhouse, I have the scroll. I went to the Black Meadow but there is no way to bury the scroll as suggested in the vision. It says bury it by the skull of the Drake facing east. I can see 2 drakes, both are facing south. How do I do it? My only other alternative is to go back to see the Dwarf but I've chosen not to do this.

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