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  1. Okay, so i was going on my second playthrough right? This time, handmaiden did not join my party when i left the polar region, so the question I want to ask is, if you're a female, does the handmaiden not join your party? also, do certain people only join your party depending on your gender? Thanks!



    no, if you are female you don't get the hand maiden, and yes depending on gender and alignment certain people join you.

  2. --Have I missed the bits to make my lightsaber (I have a "lightsaber energy cell fixture" and "a red crystal" at this point),if so, where do I get them? Also, when I do get the bits is it just a case of getting Bao into my group and talking to him to get the option to put it together?

    No you haven't. You'll get the parts eventually, and no you can't accidently miss them :shrugz:. As for the second part - yes - you do just talk to Bao-dur and he'll do his thing.


    --Should I have a lightsaber at this point or is that text at the fighting circle a little misleading.

    Misleading text. Well, sort of. Basically he's just saying you can use a lightsabre, if you have one.



    one time i got a lightsaber as random loot from a sith assasin on the harbinger

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