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  1. Perhaps I'm being stupid for asking this, so please forgive me.


    If you look on the back of the PC game box, you will see under "Graphic Card", it says this:


    32MB OpenGL 1.4 Compliant AGP or PCX 3D Graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lightning (T&L) Capability required. ATI Radeon 9200 or NVIDIA GeoForce4 Ti or better recommended.


    My question is this. How in the world do I check my computer to see if I have this or not? Or does this fall under the list of Video Chipsets the game lists?





    when you install the game, it does a scan and this is one of the things it checks.

  2. Quite frankly, I can respect what they tried to do with Peragus. Sci-fi Horror/survival is one of my favorite genres. Give it some flickering lights, and don't reveal the sith too soon, and for GOD SAKES, get rid of the engineer's model (goggles. Bright red hair. Villain? I think not), and you've got a great tutorial.


    kill the engineer model, and please get rid of the nico model on iziz

  3. Hi, I recently got this game (I know it's kinda old now) and I just downloaded and installed the high res movie patches. Sadly all the movies continue to play at 640x480 within the game. The movies do look somewhat better I think, but how do I get them to play at 1600x1200? My monitor does support a res of 1600x1200, infact that's the res I play the game at.


    My specs:

    Windows XP Pro SP2

    Radeon 9800 Pro

    Athon XP 2.2ghz



    1. idon't think the movies run at the same definition as the rest of the gam

    2. i didn't think the game itself ran at 1600x1200, mine only goes to 1280x something

  4. This is a known bug. I've never encountered it myself, which may be because it appears to emerge with one of the patches for the game, and I never bothered to patch TSL. Reverting to an earlier save may be the only solution. At the very least the game should have made an auto-save for you. Still sucks, of course, but for games like this one, you should save often AND in different slots. It's true for all games like this, and TSL is no exception.


    Alternatively you might use the KotOR savegame editor to "reset" your position and missions, but I'd be careful messing around with that stuff myself. While I do use KSE, I do so lightly.


    yeah in my game both baodur and atton are always invisible, however i've never had a black screen come up.

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