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  1. Do you have any strong grenades? They are always usefull... If Bao Dur is a Jedi, make sure you equip him with a couple strong sabers, so he can use his Force Jump to it's fullest. Use Mandalore to lob some grenades (ice ones, thermal detonators, the works) and use Visas' Force powers to heal, stun (stasis/horror) or attack (lightning, force wave etc). If you concentrate your attacks on one Sith at a time, you will get through them faster.


    If you are having issues, you may want to pause every few seconds to give new commands, as the pc will usually use simple attacks, rather the more advance ones.

    how do you get bao dur to be a jedi? i knew only about Handmaiden.



    just talk to him a bunch

  2. Why would that surprise you? She's not exactly too lovable to being with ;)



    Actually, I've always jokingly referred to Kreia as mommy, because she's just so motherly toward the Exile the whole damn game. I don't approve of you being too lightsided. I don't approve of you being too dark sided. I don't like the way you've been hanging out with all the girls (if you're a male Exile).


    So her wanting SO much for the Exile (and I truly believe she loves you, too), but abandoning Brianna, w/o a single thought seems weirdly inconsistant to me. Sure, the Exile's a wound in the force, and Brianna just you run-of-the-mill Jedi, but, what?



    she does now that you mention it

  3. No, what I'm saying that once they began the development of TSL two they didn't play KOTOR 1 at first when they did the plotting and so on. But that was later scrapped, and a new story was made because it didn't make any sense with Kotor 1's one.


    So, was there anything from the first plotting (script) that made it into the second (after they had played KOTOR) version of the plot? Or was everything scrapped.



    is this script somewere, id like to read it, also if someone has a difinitve list of content that was totally cut (in no shape or form made it into the game) id also like to read that, someone mentioned a long time a go something about over 1000 pages of content but they didn't give a like to it.

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