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  1. 208 HOURS?


    get off your computer and see the sun



    ...no...sun..bad..hurts...must't look at...the light


    but seriously i only got that high of a count because i let my game run, all night and day when i play it, it was really probably about 75-85 im a sukker for extra content mods

  2. Well for some reason I cant run KotOR, when I in reach the administator room in Perages I crash.. I cant move at all, I cant turn and look and all that, but I cant move. If I save and load the game, then I can go again un til I talk or fight with someone.. and this happens in the intire game!! I have reinstaled the game, got the latest patches for the game, newest drives to my pc, but it still wont run proberly. I am going nuts soon, beacause its a really good game and i have played it alot before, and I just cant figure out whats wrong.


    I have checked almost all the other topic's, but i cant find anything quite the simular.. please help me


    Also check your key mapping in options,I have had the odd crash in both XP and Vista where it would reset the movement controls,reconfiguring the movement keys in options fixed the problem for me.



    my keys are sensitive if you push them hard it will craSH

  3. Yeah. It's not like any romance has worked out (at least for me, maybe I just suck :sad: ) like this:


    Conv 1


    - bla bla bla me me me bla im so special and pretty but deep down I have huge problems you don't know about yet and suffer from inferioty complex ^___^

    - bla bla bla dear god bitch you are annoying

    - how dare you call me annoying!? You stupid [insert typical Bioware wordings here]

    - **** you bitch. GTFO

    - *bitch starts hitting on me again like nothing had happened*


    Conv 2


    - ...so I've been watching you and your XP gaining process - oh sorry, your progress :*


    - oh can't you just leave me alone damnit :(


    - men... *mumble mumble* Say, do you know anything about [multiheaded **** lawl] because [insert backstory bit here]


    - [insert PC's "so funneh" teasing answer here]


    - a kinrath PUP? How dare you garble garble garble


    - u r so cute when you're angry :3


    - oh you are so bad tehehehee. No matter what [whoops I slipped out mah feelings for you part here] aaahh I mean just [obvious covering attempt here]


    CONV 3




    - whoa whoa slow down babe what did I do?


    - Whoops another Freudian slip tehehee. But you should do [insert love interest quest here for XP and loot]


    - oh you are my hero [for doing the ****ty quest] kiss me I can't keep my hands off your junk :*


    ---> *lustful offscreen sex and fapping fanboy hands hands*


    ( Estimated time: 5 minutes and 34 seconds from first convo to end of last )





    After ME it wasn't offscreen anymore, lawl



    So far I haven't scored starting with "bla bla bla dear god bitch you are annoying". That's when I get hit :sad:


    several words in there i didn't know we could use on these msgboards

  4. I'd like the "deep, emotional connections to the NPCs" to be complicated messes, just like in real life, rather than the old Bioware fantasy romance where you tease someone a bit, suddenly uncover their hidden and tragic past and then hit the sack.



    thats good two but also two much kind of like k1

  5. [Graphics Options]


    Frame Buffer=0


    Soft Shadows=0









    Texture Quality=2

    Anti Aliasing=8


    try switching some of these graphics options to 0, grass, shadows,anisotrophophy

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