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  1. I bought this game on release due to KOTOR, which although was clunky was a good game.


    I have tried to play this game repeatedly since and have been unable to do so, have just reinstalled and repatched and pretty much the same as always.


    There is no support for this game from anyone except a couple of posts in this forum, which is tantamount to changing a couple of ini files and reinstalling the game.


    Its not my machine, I have 3 of them sitting under my desk, 1 dual core, 1 single core 64 bit and 1 single core 32 bit, all with 2.8 Gig processors and at least 2 gig of ram.


    All have Gforce cards in them with the most up to date drivers, 2 are Nforce chipsets, one is a Via.


    This is the only game I have ever had problems playing.


    The graphics are choppy, with flickering on the options screen within the game, the movement buttons fail to work at random times and now I cant even get the damn thing to start.


    Incidentally this is a brand new installation of XP so its not that either.


    I guess I will just have to put this down to the quality of the developers on this one, but if anyone else has problems with this travesty then good luck getting some help cos you are gonna need it.


    and remember when playing an rpg it is NEVER about the graphics, the story is all that matters remember when all there was was P&P (i don't because i wasnb;t alive but still) ssomtimes i wish id been born 5 years earlier.

  2. Sorry Shryke, but that's impossible. You'd be hard pressed to do it all in 18 hours let alone 8 hours, even if you rushed, so me thinks you've got your times wrong.


    nah seriously dude, i finish it pretty quick


    i read through all the dialogue rather than listen to it, and i know where to go to/who to talk to for all the sidequests and stuff


    after doing Taris for the first time, it's never taken me over the 3 hour mark to finish it, and from there it's like 1 hour per planet




    ok 8 is one thing but three is impossible ive never done that even with cheats on, and i found a new non-cheat non mod way to skip taris/ not that id really want to i like taaris, even with all that to do all quests it takes me about 15-20h

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