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  1. Other times (such as on Malachor), rooms that you can't enter but show up on the map are often cut content. Perhaps the TSLRP people know more about this?



    is that like the room on the nar shadda docks next to the flophouse that shows up but you can't open the door?


    I think so. On some maps in the Trayus Academy you can see dots on the minimap indicating that there are rooms, but there

  2. It won't work..I reinstalled the game, didn't copy the no cd crack and still won't work. Though I have to admit there is something I didn't saw 'till now.After the loadings screen disappears on my screen there isn't the same character that there was before I tried to load the game.Before that there was the one that Kreia fights when on mission on Peragus(sorry I didn't get the names too well), and after that there is the one with the white mask on his face. Any other ideas?:thumbsup::(:(:(:(:(


    this certainly is puzzling would you please post your .ini file here

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