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  1. yes i agree, in k3 i want more clothes on female npcs


    I disagree - games should have full and partial nudity where it fits - and, depending on how the game is designed, that could be a lot of places. For instance, do your really think that a Hutt would really have only semi-nude dancers? :ermm:



    actually of all the parts of star wars that one made no sense why do 2 ton hutts find skinny non wrinkly females, with all these apendages attactive, it makes about as much sense as a human finding a 1200 pound slug attractive,


    and that aside it isn't just dancers all but 2 twilek females are in "dancer" costume and so is luxa, personally i'm not going to be intimidated by a crime boss in a bikini

  2. But later on, she starts to feel like she falls short, and her vulnerability becomes apparent. That, and I just love Jennifer Hale's voice acting. She had me convinced that her accent was genuine (yank that I am). So, yeah, I like Bastila. She's pretty, funny (like when she force trips Mission), and great to have along in a fight.



    that and she is your healer at the beginning

  3. You can tweak the ini to get rid of the biggest problems that arise with mid-grade laptops, what are your specs?



    My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite

    1.6 GHz Processor

    2 GB of RAM


    It has an Intel Celeron processor though so I think that might be a problem.



    hahaha your laptop is better than my desktop

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