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  1. A build I've tried that I haven't seen posted anywhere is Ranger(Ghost Heart/Sharpshooter)/Lifegiver.

    The utility is somewhat novel, as you still get the DPS of a ranger, but access to healing spells. Plus the bear spiritshift is a great panic button for a not-so-tanky ranger. Makes a passable back-line healer that can still deal some decent damage with a bear companion if you're sick of playing priest.


    I'd imagine a Stalker/Lifegiver would probably be better, as you could actually make a tank out of it, but I think it works somewhat well with the ranged subclasses as a striker/support.


    I also have really been enjoying Sharpshooter/Beguiler as a long range striker.

  2. For me, I'm still having the issue with Eder where he joins the night market, even though he went to Dyrford in my Pillars 1 save. Also Vela is still nowhere to be seen, even though I did take her in 1. I tried re-importing, going back to pillars 1 and generating a new endgame save and importing that, validating my steam files and trying to import after that, and nothing worked for me.


    I appreciate the work y'all are doing, but unfortunately the game remains a little broken for me. Hopefully the official patch tomorrow works a little better.

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