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  1. Azureblade, i think it means that if you are not in sneak mode, you still do trap detection checks, but not with your full mechanics score. It's a bit like in neverwinter nights now, if only we would be able to make automatic mechanics checks at full level when standing still (that's how nwn does it, on top of the things we now have in PoE)


    It should be more clear now. You will passively detect traps that are four levels below your Mechanics score. You will still need to search for traps that are within four levels, though.

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    So how will this work in current games. If i already recruited them and than install the patch, can i than use this feature one time on them? [...]


    I'm interested in this as well! Hope it is possible.


    Also I think the cipher focus nerf is a bit harsh. Maybe it could be a bit less lowered. If you've optimized your cipher build for the fact that he will start with 1/2 of his focus, the build will probably suck when suddenly starting only with 1/4 focus. I guess this nerf will force me to begin a new savegame.



    Currently, It will only work for newly recruited companions.

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  3. Which changes are not retroactive to saved games?


    There are too many fixes for me to list them all. If you have a question about a specific one, please ask.


    Most systems changes are retroactive. For example, if we changed a spell it will appear changed when you use it next. Most completed quests (or quests that are already in a broken state) will not be fixed automatically and it requires us to make a retroactive fix. Depending on the problem we may or may not be able to make that retroactive fix available.



    So I signed in with steam's beta program because I wanted to test that patch.


    Can anyone tell me, how I reset companions to level 1 when meeting up? I desperately looked for some button in the character window, but didn't find one.

    It's in the Options menu, under the Game tab I believe.



    Ah, that's probably the last place I would have looked for it.



    We are going to put together a short video showing off the new features and how to access them. This will go out when we send out our next backer update.

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