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  1. Hello, and welcome to the forums. :x


    In Kotor2 the attributes bonuses you get from crystals, robes etc. are so huge they dwarf your original stats in importance in combat. Your dexterity looks a bit low, but items can increase that. I'd suggest sticking with one weapon until you can get all the two-handed fighting feats.


    The best way to boost your defence is to play as a male character and hang around the Handmaiden a lot. -_-


    You dirty moderator you! Playing cards with Handmaiden your a evil one.

  2. No on the apologie yes on the ass-whooping, im kidding of course, but I like to use humor before I make people face the facts.


    And people like you anger me, Im here to help and what I did is a great start. Hey gt3 I dont know if you've had the brain(sorry) to notice this yet but posting your system specs 70% of the time allows me to solve the problem. Check the other threads -_-


    And mystic carefull when using that warp band, it can skip potential dialogue and make some parts of the game unplayable, if you have any trouble just pm me.

  3. Playing LS never stopped me from using Force Storm -_-


    I could never do that and never will. I could never roleplay it its just retaded. And the stab a lightside is a big laugh, My lightside character might of not did as much damage as my ds character but he was a hell of alot harder to hit and injure. heh heh ever play Jedi Academy? I could rape anybody with my ls character, man that game was fun..

  4. I might get it if the game is not Pay for Play, otherwise there is no chance in hell that they will get my money. -_-


    Hope you have fun playing Galaxies, it will be free when Kotor Mmorpg kicks it ass.


    And albion, you seem familar with Runescape and Hello Kitty, you sure know how to pick your games.

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