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  1. I hear basic training is pretty tough, best of luck.



    Boot camp for the Navy is a joke. They are far more interesting in traing your mind over your body. I dont know the requirements now, but back in 1989 the final physical test was; 30 pushups, 60 situps (had 1 minute to do each) and run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes. I mean, come on. It doesnt get easier then that!


    Which is why the Seals are fewer and definetely deemed the hardest to enter.

  2. You know what they say about guys with big feet. I'd find that the scariest bit about running into him.


    Large socks? But I guess that doesnt affect the big foot in anyway.

  3. It's ok. Russia may 'get away' with their attacking Georgia; but they keep it up they'll be back where they started after the Cold War. Heck, they've already started not so subtley threatening Poland with a 'strategic preemptive nuclear strike'. But, Russia is cool, I guess. *shrug*





    US 'got away' with Iraq, I wonder who'll they gonna get away with next...but that's justified, because of liberty, justice, equality and other horse**** they 'stand for'...


    Do you have any idea you what the hell your talking about?? People look at USA as some Huge bully with big guns and a big mouth. Truth is though anyone who has ever been our ally, we really dished out a great amount of resources and help towards them. Guess who was the first country to aide Georgia? USA Was the first to send supplies overseas to make sure they were alright. Do I think a conflict would be started? Well that depends on Russia. Many times have they avoided treatys and the crys of other countries. There is a pretty deep story behind the invasion though, which im not well aquainted with. Ive heard of Genocide...Re-taking Lost Land...Strategic Conquer... and many more. I was never a fan of bush after he made his decision in Iraq, but one thing was right about him. He knew how to finish what he started, you just dont send in forces and pull them out like some sort of dentist. He took charge on finishing the task at hand, why blame him?


    And you Euro's out there I enjoy anyones company if they enjoy mine. Therefore I have no problem with British,Spanish, and hell even French. What I do have a problem with is when idiotic British(or whatever other)act like USA is some Virus spreading around telling lies and killing innocents. I am actually 1/4 spanish, but my ancestors have been traced back as far as possible and linked to some high end British. One of them was the man who owned the mayflower, Sir (im sure someone knows his name, I just woke up and not up for looking it up again) ****.


    Anyways back on-topic Russia is getting paranoid about the anti-missle turrets we placed in Poland, they sound desperate even after there pathetic government collapsed. I think they are a loose cannon, but only time will tell.

  4. Haha she trys stabbing at me again, why would I use google? I asked a simple question of who was the founding company of that piece of GCard. I was working on something and decided to breeze through the forums, >_< Not everyone has infinite time. And Google as great as it is can be highly unreliable in some cases.

  5. Theres actually some paticular movies that cause most intel's to crash.


    I can't see it being a specific movie causing errors as they are all in the same format (.bik) if anything it could be the in-game trigger that causes the crash, or the swap over between file formats. But if the game is crashing on ALL movies then you have a point regarding the intel chips.


    on my like 6th or 8th playthrough I reached the endgame where you get the scene on dantooine after kreia betrays you, it crashed and was unplayable.

  6. Russia has been pushing further into Georgia. I live in America, so I believe as stubborn as we are we will aide Georgia becuase they had 4,000 troops in Iraq. What does everyone else think? (if there is a topic similar or exactly like this one please close this)

  7. I agree, there is yet to be a Sith'ari. Crushing all opposition does not mean that it can never return. Take Anakin for example. He was the chosen one and supposed to destroy the Sith, which he did, but apparently in the EU they crop up again a few years later.


    On the poll is Vader. How is he the Sith'ari? He was the Jedi's chosen one, not the Sith's.


    He wasn't ment to "Crush" the sith but merely balance the universe at its time. There will always be sith and jedi alike.

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