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  1. Well I think that would be a good solution, I mean I do get annoyed reading the same issue over and over again because they dont click on the faq because they think its just about kotor 2 and not an actuall faq. And there aren't many kotor 2 discussions because most of them are Help Me Threads. I enjoy trying to help, but I see Walkers point..

  2. Some people fail to grab the concept that Kotor 2 isnt friendly with intergrated physics card. Zu, im happy you can run Crysis, I can aswell but that is actually the cause of your trouble is the cards so damn new it outdates kotor 2. MAke sure you follow this guide step by step, if you do then 8 times out of 10 you will be able to play. And Securom was no help because there was nothing they could do, what they actually told you was "Your doing something wrong, we cant help you"

  3. You have it all wrong, im not trying to convince anyone. Havent you ever asked why an mmo and not single player? Because a Kotor MMO would make much more money... HOw? Well just like I said, people will get wrapped up in the hype of it buy the game, and purchase a month card. Thats already proffit on their part, so by making this an MMO they obviously are gona market the hell out of it making it sound amazing even if it blows. So dont get me wrong, I prefer single player, but its true just wait and see...

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