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  1. I meant like dueling with another jedi in the academy or in ur party to increase ur skill. More customizable characters feats race/color/face/eyes/ears/hair etc.


    "And some more agressive force powers, or more amazing would be nice. Not just the average bonus power or damage over time thing. Something that just makes you say "WOW!" after using it the first time.


    In other words, the force should be uber. "

    This is to close related to the Force Unleashed but it would be cool.

    Oh and just so u know me beaten both games 20 times each diff class sub classes faces girl boy dark and light.

  2. I dont know about when its coming out but I hope its not rushed. But kotor 3 will have to fall into place with Bane's path of destruction and the 1-6 starwars movies. Some people say there not similar but it was kriea who predicted Jango (mandalorian) was gona die by a jedi=MAce Windu. She said'to easy as we saw in the movie. There has to be some kind of link up. Oh and ship rides shouldn't be only 10 secs,make NPC's go to sleep,more characters awell as an expansion from former characters,customizable NEW CHARACTER,more into the sith background not just scracthing the surface,more training as well as lightsaber dueling, and alot more. Comment.

  3. 1.I think there should be alot more missions and sidequest. I hate being restricted to the main quest so more I would love more freedom. And make use of the armys both sith and republic, It would be cool if u could have battles in the game where u could be on one side but help the other side by sabotage...Etc.

    2. U shouldn't arive to planets so fast without any encounters. It would be cool on a trip to Naboo,coruscant, or many other planets; All of a sudden u are attacked by credit thirsty pirates. U should have the option to sleep,train, and just examin and talk to your party.

    3. U shouldn't just know how to use a lightsaber, make it kinda like KoTor 1; Where u are taught by one of the members from previous. But I understand how hard it would be to pro longue the past but It would be highely appreciated by many.

    4. Should have to age like Fable (to a certain extent), and choose really who u want to be with. More interactibillty eith the sith, not just infiltrate but become one. U should have a choice when u are little say a robber enters your home, u should have choices like kill robber or knock out; Maybe even negotiate with him. Make choices who u want to be with, for example: On the way to a jedi academy u are boarded by sith they want to make u a acolyte; but give u the choice to join or carry on your trip to the academy.

    5. More large scale battles including ships and soldiers. MORE INVOLVEMENT!!!!! Defend with cannons and snipers.

    6. Keep the battle style an rpg! Dont make it like Battle Front or Jade Empire, keep it as it is but modify it delude glitches and tricks.

    7. Further the customization of your character, eye color hair etc. In depth conversations and influence, manipulate characters or romance them. View some as diposal not be forced to have them with u. Have more quest steming from your party's past's.

    8. Further the customization of your weapons lightsaber crystal,scopes, etc. Make your weapons unique and not one of a kind.

    9. When u explore u get items, but don't make it to where u kill a cannok and get a lightsaber or a suit of armor. Maybe broken parts that can be used to build stuff.

    10. Start completely with a new in depth character ( sorry u revan and exile fan's Read below tho xD). Learn about your future and learn of the past events.

    11. Bring exile and revan back to life in their fight against the sith. Maybe join Carth as a soldier or Bastilla as a padawan.

    12. Extend game play for more fun and time.

    13. Dont rush the game. Millions are awaiting it's arrival we don't want another Kotor 2, which left us wanting more.

    14. More freelance work and things that affect your future example: Fable.

    15. Friends both good and bad to come to u through twist's and turns like Disciple and handmaiden.

    16. Bring back everyones beloved ebon hawk!!!

    17. Make accesible stores to buy goods,parts,medpacs,ships, and accesories.

    18. Downloadable content for 360 only

    19. Realese a demo before the game comes out with few missions and weapons.

    20. Read all of the comments and ideas of everyone in this topic thats where u will find ideas....

  4. Someone e-mailed Obsidian about KotOR III, but the decision looks like its in limbo, here is what Feargus Urquhart had to say:





    I'll forward this to Chris Avellone who is one of the other owners of Obsidian and was also the Lead Designer on KotOR II. As for whether KotOR III is going to get done and will it be done by us - I don't really have any good or bad information. I can tell you we are not working on it as of right now and we are not in talks with LucasArts to do it. LucasArts may have another developer working on it, but equally possible, they may not. To get more information, you might want to contact them. Oh, and we would jump at the chance to do it and believe it would be an amazing product to work on.


    Lastly, thanks for your thoughts on KotOR II - those are always appreciated.




    Feargus Urquhart


    Obsidian Entertainment, Inc.


    Clickie yeah


    Well, atleast Avellone and Urquhart are still very interested in making a third KotOR game, too bad that Lucasarts haven't shown any interest at all.

    Well i know obsidian wouldnt turn down an oppoturnity to make a Kotor 3. Kotor 2 as much as haters there is out there it still made good money. And it would be cool if u could play as the exile or revan but theres a slim chance they will be who u start with because they both would probably be level 20 and higher and theres no way they can be deleveld again after both being d'leveled unless the were mind wipped or startover it being there choice. Like the posts above me revan would be who u have to find and he could be in your party. And The Exile would be a teacher because he did teach almost his whole party besides the droids and mandalore. But it would be awesome that later on after beating it with the made up character u go start as the exile and vice versa with revan to know what there doing while your doing your own things.

  5. You have your own house? At least you can turn it up. That is if you had it. I have to keep mine down to a reasonable level. Bloody neighbors.

    Ive got kotor 2 on my pc and its awesome with the patches and well the mods. Not uber mods just the ones u can make the launcher or storyline funner and better. Like wearing revans clothes or nhilus or even being able to make anyone in your party like in kotor 1 u can get yuthura in 2 u can get goto the human,mandolarians and u can even get malak.

  6. Dooku: he was out matched by Anakin even tho anakin ended up using the same LightSaber techinques.


    No he didn't.


    Qui-Gon: Wise but i dont think he was to good with a saber he used a techinique ive never seen before and it was'nt a good thing either.


    He used Ataru, the same style as yoda. He was also regarded as one of the finest swordsmen in the order. He was most probably only defeated by maul because ataru's acrobatic attack and evasion techniques would be all but impossible to employ in the confined space of the core.

    I forget that but, Qui-Gon did use ataru as yoda did but the form maul used was a completely different form i bet u dont what beats ataru?

  7. You know, with the Mission side-quest, if you go to the Sandpeople enclave without her, you can kill Griff. When you go to talk to her after you kill Griff (if you choose to kill him) all she says (by memory) is "Talk! What is there to talk about! Those sandpeople took my brother. We can't just leave him with those...with those monsters!"


    I never got to say something like....


    "Mission, your brother is dead. I killed him. Don't like it? Deal with it. If you're going to make an issue out of it, then you will answer to my lightsaber! Capish? You can either rack off, stay with me and keep your mouth shut for the rest of the journey or try and attack me, fail and die. So what's it going to be?"




    "(Lie) Your brother is dead Mission. I found his body in the sandpeople enclave. They must have killed him."


    But instead, I didn't even get to reply to Mission and tell her that her brother is dead, that I killed him. The side-quest remains incomplete if you kill Griff. It always bugged me how I couldn't tell Mission that her brother was killed be me. Why couldn't I? I killed Griff in my first play-through of KotOR and I was expecting a dialogue choice to come up for me, to tell Mission that her brother is dead, and tell her that I killed her or lie to her about how he died, but it never came up. :angry:

    It says your the dark sith lord and all but really anwser this what do u really get to do with that title u have 1 planet to tell everyone who u are on (depending on missions u do first and so on) but u cant really do anything like the posts above me it would of been cool if u could go to the star forge and attack the order instead of malak or if u could keep it a secret knowing your the dark lord and keep it from vandar and so on. I can't wait until i hear news on kotor 3 but i hope it won't be a little upsetting and not enough to wet my appetite as KOTOR 2 was

  8. Mace Windu:I think he could of beaten sidious after all he is the greatest weapon master as obi wan said "The wisdom of Yoda or the power of Mace Windu".Mace windu was a finese fighter he was fast but strong as well i think as him as The Best i mean Yoda would own him in his pride and with force but windu is a master of the lightsaber plain and simple

    Yoda:Well he so strong the only downfall is his age but he still kicked ass.

    Dooku:Reminds of nhilus he was slow but powerfull had a form none had seen. I think he was out matched by Anakin even tho anakin ended up using the same LightSaber techinques.

    Malak: I dont know if anyone noticed but malak was a power house he used only one hand with his lightsaber but he was exeptionally powerfull with it espicially when he used critical strike or Power attack.He was revan's lesser by all means tho.

    Obi-Wan:Possibly my favorite light jedi i mean he was wise as he was strong with a saber. Everyone always said "well he got beat by anakin" and first of all Obi-Wan flawlessed him with the saber techinique the same of That guy with the big head......um i forget his name. But he would of beaten him the second time but it was destine for luke to find out who his father is.

    Darth Vader:Stronger then dooku and more intelligent he was another great sith Badass and wipe the floor with dooku in episode 3. He would of lost to mace windu if it was for the chancellor.Had a killer force choke and storm but thats all icould think of. His weakness was a finesse fighter with power like revan or luke.

    Revan:Man where to start with this guy he's my favorite jedi and is not a sith lord! LIke everyone said he became one to save the galaxy from destruction u learn later on not to destroy it like most Revan lover's say. HE was a genious on the battle field both with his tactics and skill. I think he would of beat kreia,nhilus,maul,dooku,anakin,sidious,and sion. But most of them are from the new republic.

    Nhilus: was power hungry and was slow and clumsy but strong as well i don't care if he wiped out a whole planet after feeding off life i can only imagine. The exile wooped his buns and thats all i care about.

    Sion:Hmm...Strong and had a desire to stay alive and fail lower than any other sith lord he wasn't smart as sidious he was an idiot and learn nothing falling down the dark side a fool i call him.

    Traya:Wow she was manipulative very wise and strong as well she shielded her self from sion and nhilu's power hungry eye's and was the master of the two strong but her weakness is she had to be killed by The Exile she didn't fight just to kill like sidious or to feed like nhihlus.

    Qui-Gon: Wise but i dont think he was to good with a saber he used a techinique ive never seen before and it was'nt a good thing either.

    The Exile:He/She was the key to bringing back the jedi's extiction and defeating all 3 sith masters he was reliable and brilliant after all he was a general of revan's army. They had a special bond together and he was just like revan had a wierd way of bringing followers.I dont think he has a weakness.

  9. I'd say if someone goes searching for Revan, it has to be the Exile. You can't just send some random Jedi, no matter how talented, on such a mission. Kreia pretty much tells the Exile that he has to go and help Revan.


    She taught him all she could and he is better suited than anyone else, not to mention that he has a connection to Revan, something only a very selected few have. None of those can make the trip, just like no new Jedi-character could. A new Jedi-character doesn't know Revan and isn't prepared to take on the Sith on his own. Sending someone who has no experience in fighting Sith is not exactly the best choice for a mission into unknown space and enemy territory.


    Of course, you could always use a Jedi who spent years in hiding and is already quite old, but then you would need a reason why this Jedi dis- and reappeared. Not to mention that there isn't all that much potential in a fully trained Jedi.


    ahhh, but that is the beauty of it. the PC does not start off as a fully-trained Jedi who has amnesia or is a bit rusty. (this is NOT flame bait) Use Fable-style story progression, at least until the PC reaches about age 25, then no more rapid aging.


    this Jedi, who was trained by someone like Vrook as a Youngling and has already seen real combat (which is handled in the rapid-aging section of the game), is also something of a prodigy (yes, we need to get away from that but not in this story arc)...in fact, he is a distant cousin of Revan (helps explain his eagerness to help and also why he is a Force prodigy).


    also, a hard-coded Exile could be a controllable squad leader during much of the endgame....K3 has to be multithreaded in order to give everybody enough closure.


    Revan is a storytelling device and cannot be controllable....ain't gonna happen.

    Im hearing these good ideas and conversations but if u read what i posted (some of it is incorect because of the feelings of most of u about exile and revan)it says atton,bao-Dur,bastilla,mira,atris and diciple are all in the council and mira and atton are trainers.

  10. Fall of the sith makes no since because what happens if u join them and wipe the jedi away or place a wound that would take years to go away. Id also like it if u could go and find apprentices making the light side or dark side have more forces be a general like revan and battle the other with still a main plan at the end. Not sure what character would u be but maybe the could be mulitple choices Exile,revan,new character Etc.

    OK i have more ideas ive been snooping around and this is what i found that i liked.

    (not in order just ideas listed)

    1.U can choose from the exile or revan or a new character.

    2.meet old friends try to bring more kids to the light side or dark side or (playing a a new character) u start around 16 old enough to have a ship but of course u dont have some random ship appear and its yours u would have to buy one,steal, or someone crashes and u repair theres and the crasher turns out to be a sith trooper or jedi acithlyte and u travel around the places they traveled. Maybe more than one ship crashes and u can choose which one to use and repair making u dark or light or just curious.

    3.Train in the academy the right way or kill/manipulate to get higher. And u would meet bastilla in the council ,bao dur,atton and so on.

    4.Then the academy is attacked by unknown forces most jedis are destroyed and atton is captured (or bao-dur but not bastilla shes to smart to make mistakes like that and they wouldn't because they know her loyalty to the light side (example: kotor 1 she submitted under constant torture and feel of the dark side she was always curious also.

    5.U survive and they find u uncoinciuos (don't know how to spell) and bastilla uses her magnificent healing powers and brings u awake. But in the process she senses great pain in u and also senses that u are force sensitive.

    6.They ask u if u could find a ship because there ship ( no idea what name should be post if u think u know) is stolen . And u go off to see if maybe the defenses of planet Coruscant damaged ships but could still be repaired.

    7. U go talk to them and ask why isnt anything destroyed and she fears The Sith Assasins were involved u ask who that is and she explains a little about them in the earlier wars and u want to know more but she says "There is more important matters at hand".

    8.U find the ship like above and choose one. Light side little alighment and so on.

    9. After trying to find atton Bao-Dur says that u shouldn't just charge into the galaxy trying to find him. So they take u to the academy on dantoine to talk to there trainer better known as Mia. She asks them why she should train u when a bunch of others want her service to they tell her of the "special" reason but she suggests u must impress her over the other teens. U can either use the dark side (kill them manipulate the Etc.) or u can do it by gaining presitige.

    10.One day u go to report of your sucess and u overhear her saying that she will train u but cannot go save atton because she needs to train more jedi's for the "Events" that are coming up.

    11.They start to leave but then mira says "hy (whatever your name is)i see u where overhearing are conversation. And u can deny or be truthfull and she asks u if i find out what happens to atton or save him she will offer u a test to become an Jedi Knight and the captain of the militia there (u can advance ranks the more missions u do or just kill the general of the Dantoine miltia.

    12.U go and do the "main quest" And then your sent back to dantoine. Then mira trains u u become a knight at age 18 she then gives u the role a captain. U meet a old retired commander and he joins your party u find out about better planets with stronger millatarys and u offer him the role after becoming a general he accepts and u leave.

    13. i would make more story line but i have no power this is just for yall to read.

    14.U then go do stuff be a general at a major army,be leader of the sith academy or jedi academy find out more about revan and exile find them and so on


  11. Fall of the sith makes no since because what happens if u join them and wipe the jedi away or place a wound that would take years to go away. Id also like it if u could go and find apprentices making the light side or dark side have more forces be a general like revan and battle the other with still a main plan at the end. Not sure what character would u be but maybe the could be mulitple choices Exile,revan,new character Etc.

  12. Yes, hooded robes is something I would really like to see in KotOR 3. Feels more evil.  :) And, something else i would like in KotOR 3 would be to meet the old crew from KotOR 1. All off them, yeah, that would be fun.

    I agree. Would love to atleast see Bastila, Carth etc. as a NPC person somewhere under the game. :wub:


    And btw, welcome. :)

    Well whats the news on kotor3 has obsidian even thought about it yet i mean it made a **** load of money 1-2 and 2 was not that bad as everyone said it was bioware isn't doing it so i have to come and plead to obsidian

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