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  1. Now some of you should think of kotor online. As a good thing. Why? Because it could ressurect sag which I play but could of been done better. What ever is to come, lucas has enough since to prolong the kotor franchise. Because Frankly numbers don't lie

  2. Jedi don't "fall" to the darkside in KOTOR games. They jump.


    I wouldn't say that either. More like they slowly decline into the Dark Side...


    But regardless of what you do the end result is always the same.


    You kill Malak, defeat the Sith and save the republic. You kill Malak, abandon them and the Sith destroy themselves, thus saving the republic. You track down and reunite the Jedi Masters, only to have them killed by your teacher, and you defeat the Sith to save the future Jedi Order. You hunt down and kill the remaining Jedi Masters, and destroy the Sith, but the Jedi arn't completely gone.


    You see? It doesn't really matter what you do because as long as Light Side is canon, the developers are forced to leave very little artistic freedom for the alternate Dark Sided storyline.


    U forgot one option. I brought all the jedi masters to me then killed them showing kreia im not evil (because ur forced to be good on Onderon to get kavar, aswell as nar shadaa).

  3. Well Ive played and beaten the first and second KOTOR many times, but one thing I always was quite fond of was what Revan believed in. He believed in the greater good ; that killing 1 innocent life to ultimately achieve a higher goal was the right way. Now the jedi code is flawed through and through. It teaches u to learn and control the force, but disagrees with even the smallest acts of evil. The Dark Side relies to much on brutallity and unlawfull deeds. I think that is not the way either, so both are flawed but are needed for the galaxy and the force to remain. I would like to hear everyone's comments?

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