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  1. YOuve got it all wrong... anyone can roleplay you dont need to be the highest level (im not I joined a month ago... Im just really famillar with guilds and MMORPGS). I play on the starsider server my name is Exiie if you want to join my guild or need any help whatsoever mail me.... click ESC the go to Mail and type my name in.

  2. Sorry I didnt reply sooner... was outta town using Iphone to check up on this. But go to http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com thats a link... watch or skip intro movie and click Choose Path... it will explain all of the classes including jedi go dark or light or be a famed bounty hunter hunting down real life players... just to name a few. The roleplay is pretty fun like when my guild goes into space.. (im a dark lord in my guild) and I go to the top floor of are ship.. Dark Defender and are surrounded by players using their TIE fighters... its pretty fun to watch them battle

  3. The topic name doesn't explain much. Zalbaar is a male... but a wookie. Anyway... my vote is a tie between Canderous and Atton. Because Canderous is a war hardened bad butt, he doesn't take crap but is very loyal. Atton seems like the guy who always is at the wrong place at the wrong time... but no worries his Fighting Spirit will bring him back from his mistakes.

  4. Ahhh, the famous topic of Kreia. There is alot of controversy if kreia was just sith or a grey jedi. Kreia is manipulative and deceiving but remember one thing she hates the force. She uses it because she views it as controlling all life. There was 3 Sith lords... that had to be defeated to create the ballance needed to sustain the universe. Kreia knew what she was, and was bent on denying any sign of redemption. She isn't sith entirely because she taught Revan new things that helped Revan become what he is today. I call Kreia a grey jedi, because she doesn't wish to rule... but merely to create ballance. As does Jolee.... Qui Gon.. and so on.

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