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  1. they sign a contract that states that they must follow the one with the lowest IQ. Maybe why Revan and the others went to the dark side because They gotten fed up with Jedi Council's inherited stupidity. At least I would.


    Excuse me if im played as an ass here.. But What in the living hell are you talking about??? Revan fell to the dark side merely to reap the benefits and strengthen the universe for the upcoming "True Sith".

  2. Sorry if I sound like an a hole but the only time I didnt beat the game on expert was my first play through. ANd yes I agree the battle on telos surface was so annoying because my allies would run towards the turrets and get raped, while I was mopping up the mercs who challenged your char. And Darth__Revan1990, dont you hate how Windu died?


    OK that was off topic. I think that Obsidian will be creating the III kotor just because Bioware is EA and EA are not exactly on the same page as Lucas Arts.. But I wont dwell there long.. Obsidian should brainstorm off of the ideas on this very forum, I liked a few of the ideas including drifting in space longer on trips to add more dialogue and "real" feel to the game.


    1. There must be a new protaganist, that is imminent.

    2. New planets, or just more exploration on the previous ones

    3. the return of most of Exiles party, because they are all jedi now.

    4. the droids must be incorparated in some wierd way.

    5. use oblivions character creation

    6. Some new Dark Lord or some Big bad boss

    7. Revan must be shown, or added into the plot (or people will storm the stores and kill everybody, Revans just that awesome)

    8. new animations for different classes

    9. Use the same combat system >:teehee:

    10. Epics battles...

    11. More lost mandos to reunite with Canderous

    12. Add different races to the character creation

    13. Major Dialogue and Romance ( I like what bio did with mass effect.. that was great romance)

    14. Dont rush it...

    15. add more mini games or just add on to them more, Swoop,Pazaakk, etc...

    16. Customizable sabers... of course

    17. Really make certain parts have a huge decision to be made by the main character, a decision that effects everything, Actually add a couple of those..

    18. a meditation command,in which your char sits down and meditates...

    19. some new jedi to fight with you

    20. party members dying and gaining new ones..



    Feel free to add on.

  3. So am I the only person who *never* touched the forms button?

    I feel bad for you... Did you play on easy mode? Anyways.. I dont think Palpatines style should be use just because of its over agression. If that style happens to be used.. then your asking for its light counterpart... Yoda. The second prestige classes were pretty awesome but they didnt add a signifigant avantage. And Juyo is one of the most effective forms of fighting, just because it hits twice for ataru's once.

  4. WELL i didnt mean the dark master as the only ending.. I ment a certain choice... there should be a choice even among darkside.. if you know what I mean. REvan and Exile should team up with the protaganist in the end of the game and not any time sooner. There SHOULD be a new protaganist, someone with nothing to lose, someone who can go balls to the walls. Im not sure what they have in mind for him, but enough with the "I lost my power but I was uber before!!!" scenario.




    Hi, I'm new to the forums here but I read through all 38 pages of this most recent thread before I registered to post.

    I just want to give my ideas for KOTOR 3, I don't really feel like getting involved in all these arguments...


    Revan and exile are NOT going to be the starting character you play as. No one wants to start overpowered or to have either of these characters lose their powers and have to build them up a THIRD time. They've each had to start from scratch twice already.

    I'm not entirely sure what the new character should be though. I don't think this third character will be able to be as important as Revan or the Exile are, I just don't think it will happen. Sure, the character will have some type of backstory to make them somehow important and they'll become powerful, but I think at te end of this game the final conflicts will be more focused on Revan and the Exile.

    The story of this game should start somewhere before the ending of KOTOR 2, maybe even before the end of KOTOR. The character will be sort of on the fringes of the excitement as a padawan, new Jedi type character. The first ten levels or so you would learn the history of everything that happened in the last two games while going through the beginning missions and gettting to probably level 10 or so. Then, something should happen, who knows what, to set you off on a mission to go find Revan.

    You journey around a bit, finding hints on different worlds to indicate where Revan went off to, I have no idea what happening along the way. Eventually at I guess around level 20 or so you journey out and find the Sith Empire.

    Before I continue I just want to say that I think that Revan and the Exile should not be teamed up, at least not now. Revan and the Exile should somewhat oppose each other, with 2 leaders like that I don't think either would be willing to follow the other and they would probably have opposing ideas of what to do over the True Sith. Since Revan already went to the Dark Side once and started the Jedi Civil War in his first attempt to prepare for the True Sith (I think that's why he did it) he obviously has a more of a 'ends justifying the means' approach, that might involve some shadier work. If that's what Revan is doing then I suppose the Exile's plans would have to be more 'light side.'

    This way at some point you would learn of both the Exile and Revan's locations (on different planets) and you choose one of them to aid. You will pretty much know what they're each planning by now so joing the Exile will be a more light-side oriented choice, while joining Revan has more POTENTIAL for dark-side related choices. (Whoever you choose doesn't affect you're alignment but it'll be easier to be dark with Revan and easier to be light with the Exile).

    After you choose you'll do pretty much the same things for both people accept slightly tweaked mission, like when you choose between Czerka and the Ithorians.

    When you first meet up with either of the two people they will somehow be injured or incapacitatede somehow that they are unable to do much for at least a little while. During this time they will mentor you while not actually being able to participate in combat or be in your party. They will upgrade you to whatever prestige class you want (same choices whether you're dark or light-sided). Eventually they will recover and be ready to join your party.

    Stuff will happen, bla-bla-bla, eventually it comes to the conflict between the Sith and the Republic. There is no longer any room for opposition on the good side, so Revan and the Exile will finally team up for the war that now ensues.

    Of course it will be difficult in your ship as neither Revan nor the Exile will wish to submit to the other as leader, so you will have the final say in any decision that they oppose each other over (which will be most things, meaning you make most of the decisions). Also, the Exile and Revan should have lots of other things to do, so for a lot of the missions one or the other, or both of them, will be gone and you'll have to use your other party members.

    Of course your other party members need to have some importance, so for the last mission you, Revan and the Exile will be off on seperate tasks, to meat up in the end to fight the final boss. You choose two of your party members to take with you on your mission and they'll take the rest with them.

    You do whatever it is your task is, and meet up with Revan and the Exile again just in time for the final battle. It will be epic as your whole party will be gathered for the event.

    This is your moment of choice. The leader of the Sith will be there and try to tempt you to the dark side of the force. Of course you can refuse and engage in the final confrontation with him, flanked by the Exile and Revan, or you can give in to the dark side finally and turn on Revan and the Exile.

    This is where the influence will come into play. Part members will defect to the dark side with you if you have enough influence, but pull away and turn on you if you have no influence with them.


    The final battle if you stay on the good side is pretty straight forward. The Sith Lord will fight you in all of his awesome power and it will take the combined efforts of you, Revan, and the Exile to take him down. Your other party members will be occupied as dozens of Sith charge in to fight them. You win, everyone's happy, THE END.


    The final battle for the Dark Side is more fun. It's an awesome battle between the two halves of your party. Of course, the good side is going to have Revan AND the Exile on their team, you're going to need to be beafed up a little before you can take them down. The Sith Lord will grant you some cool new force powers for the final battle and you and your current allies will all drop incredibly low on the alignment meter, to a place you could never reach until this moment, where you're all beefed up. You'll probably have less party on your side since most people only use a couple of characters throughout the game, so these amazing Dark Side buffs will balance out the battle. You kill all of your former allies including Revan and the Exile in the ensuing battle and then you turn to the Sith Lord. Dialogue then continues and you have the choice of submitting to him as your new master at which point the game ends, or you can choose to fight him with your remaining allies and take the mantle of Sith Lord for yourself, in which case the game ends. For either DS ending, you win, everyone gets killed, yadayadayada, THE END


    Ok, now I know that that's a lot already, but there's more. Being finished I can progres to my much shorter gameplay ideas.


    -Influence system returned, but improved. First of all, spending time with characters in your parety will trigure conversations to find out about their past and whatnot (like in KOTOR) and give you chances to raise/lower influence. (This way just having characters in your party with you long enough is a good method to gain influence.) Also, Certain actions will triggure influence changes (like it was in KOTOR 2) but now their reactions will change based on their alignment. If you're evil and gain enough influence that they're evil, they will be happy about evil actions. No more of characters I turned evil still liking it when I perform an act of charity.

    -We don't need any more colors for lightsabers

    -We don't need any new hilts

    -Lightsabers should be a lot rarer so that weilding two lightsabers is not an easy task simply because obtaining enough lightsabers for something like that is hard

    -The Jedi and Dark Jedi are dead, none will join your party (except Revan and Exile)

    -Some members of your party will be force sensitive like KOTOR 2, only now you have to choose one of them to train as your apprentice, and this won't happen until you've at least reached your prestige class. (This will lower the dependancy on Jedi)

    -2-3 party members will be different based on your choices

    -1-2 party members will die before the end

    -8 party members at most

    -Party members have backgrounds and individual agendas/goals/MOTIVATION!

    -HK-47 is back badder than ever

    -Each character will have their own sidequest that can to be activated when you get enough influence

    -Characters from previous installments will make returns and cameo appearences but not join your party (except possibly some single-battle help outs)

    -More force powers

    -Another tier or even 2 for all existing force powers (Revan and the Exile need to be able to grow in power still)

    -No class choice in the beginning, your stats will be affected solely by your choices upon leveling up

    -Can increase party size (3->4->5) Edit: I'm not sure about this one...I'm thinking 4 at most

    -Once romance option for each male/female


    I'm tired, I spent a lot longer on this than I expected, I might have more, who knows? Whatever happens, I'll be joining the discussions, but now in more managable posts.


    I dont know if im only speaking for myself but... Im tired of being some Dark jedis pawn. Why cant there be an ending to where you control everything, your the evil badass... you lead a academy of few dark jedi and have a epic battle or something. i just always thought it would be cool if you could train people and not be the one being "trained".

  6. I agree with Quality > Quantity. But yes JediPhile is right, most of the characters were either not used, or hardly. I never used T3,Mission, or GO-T0. But gaining your party members, is just so limited. You go darkside, you get 2 party members, you go Light Side... you get 2 party members. There should be parts in the game when you lose a party member because of a choice you made, and potentially gain another. I didn't think their was enough "bad" characters in both KOTOR's. And im clueless on who the PRotaginist is going to be.. some apprentice... some washed up jedi, or some powerfull dude..

  7. Ok, people have complained about KOTOR's combat system, when most of those people are Episode 3 or Battle Front. Now those games are about as fun as you can throw them. they dont last long, thats what seperates the KOTORs apart. People have been talking about how cool The Force Unleashed will be, which I don't doubt will be fun. For aslong as the game lasts on the first play through. I sense NO replayabillity at all, A KOTOR 3 would have been much more appreciated. KOTOR 3 would blow away any competition, and I dont sense it coming anytime this year or the beginning of next year. Why? Cause George is smart, he will release a game... and wait to release another. Why hasn't he taken the time to read a forum or 2. Because obviously people have been dying for KOTOR 3... and he sits backs and releases a hack/and slash. The Force Unleashed will be fun, but it won't satisfy everyones apetite for a RPG. Hack and Slashes are so one sided, they have like 2 possible endings... and are fairly easy to beat. But I Would like to hear everyones thoughts and ideas...

  8. Im not going to make this a poll, but I would like to hear everyones ideas. People have said on lucas forums, that they hate the combat system for KOTOR, when thats what sets the game apart, and personally I love it. And others say that TFU will unleash the force more than any other game could. But the majority of people I have spoken to say, "I'd rather see a KOTOR 3". That is exactly what I think, TFU will be a hack and slash. And sorry to say, those games are never good. It will be fun to throw stormies and fight General Jedi's, but the game will last only as long as it takes to beat the game. I doubt there will be ANY replayabillity on it. Which is why a KOTOR 3 would be much more appreciated. Lucas needs to wake up and smell the coffee, before someone dressed in black shows up on his door. Which im surprised no one has, there is some pretty die hard fans out there, including me. So share with me your thought's and ideas..

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