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  1. The dark side is all about brute force and power so it's naturally going to be more lethal, not so much more powerful, just quicker. A light side character can be really powerful defensively but it just takes longer to kill your enemies because you're not spamming them with force storm, death field and what not. There really needs to be a showdown between party members would for KotOR3, regardless, since your crew couldn't possibly be full of good guys all the way through without some dramas.


    I'm not sure why we're arguing about canon or not... quite honestly, neither should effect the story line much. I think Obsidian purposefully made the game end in a place that was exactly the same regardless of alignment and sex. You're going off alone to find and help Revan who is fighting the True Sith.


    Sure, you can tell it LFRevan & LFExile but all that's going to do is perhaps change which characters show up in a few cut scenes.


    Personally I'd like a little more specific wrap ups to Revan's & the Exile's stories, but it's just not going to happen.


    You just answered your own speculation. The reason why it's been argued that there shouldn't be canon in KotOR3 is because it's not needed, so why **** up something that doesn't need to be ****ed up in the first place, and by ****ed up, I mean destroy the characters we played as in the games by replacing the variants with some canon sack of ****.


    And I thought I was the only one who could dominate with Lightside jedi. Sorry to say I hate people who are light jedi.. and get Force Storm...

  2. Seeing as how powerful and pivatol Revan and the Exile are to the whole Galaxy, they wouldn't just kind of dissapear into obscurity after all of these events and people would want closure on their storylines otherwise, people would want to know where they went from here. This could potentially lead to later games or maybe books or something, i don't know. Personally, I would rather the whole Revan/Exile thing is finished and any more KOTORs after this, we just move on, get to something new. Because really, think about it. So much has happened already in such a short span of time, the Galaxy would just implode if Revan and/or the Exile had any more galaxy saving quests.


    50 BBY - 50 ABY say hello




    But yeah, I do hope KOTOR III resolves the major storylines. Maybe they can leave some bit storyline open for some comic or whatever, but any and all major storylines should be resolved.


    Heck, I wouldn't mind LA making a game starring Hanharr in his mad quest to hunt down the Jedi Mira following the destruction of Malachor V. Furball vs. Force.

    Force Wins in total of 250 to 0.

  3. They both need to die to wrap this whole storyline up, and it would be boring if everything just turns out fine in the end. And Revan/Exile don't necessarily really need to be light or dark side, I see Revan especially as being somewhere in the middle.

    Not neccessalry they don't have to just die. A viable conclusion is perfect for the situation. Omelette is right Revan and Exile are the poster children , there would be a big outbreak If they both just 'die'

  4. Thanks. I don't agree the new PC has to be involved in the Revan/Exile conflict, though. I suppose the PC could influence the outcome based on your decision. It'd be cool if Revan & the Exile had a long, epic battle, with a winner looking unlikely to ever emerge, until the PC steps in and helps one or the other. This way there'd still be dispute over who would win in a battle between Revan & the Exile, which would upset the fangirls hoping to see their hero triumph. :p


    But...but...I want both to live...* ;(


    How am I supposed to ship Carth/Revan and Atton/Exile if they die, mister! :)


    In all seriousness, to answer the post, it's not going to be rainbows and sunshines for sure. But I don't think that whoever develops the game is just gonna kill off the two major characters in this story. Nah, they're probably going to have this whole chain of events where the new PC and Revan and Exile emerge from the situation victorious, heroes of the Republic, yadda yadda yadda. And then if it's DS, someone's losing a few limbs in the midst of fighting to be the new leader of the True Sith.


    This whole redemption thing is a big ticket in these games.


    Never approached it in that way.. Your right.. I dont think they would throw to characters away.

  5. Didnt Jediphile already clarify its not an MMO... I could of swore he had a link 4 pages ago. Can new posters just give up on the mmo showing the same danm link... its already been confirmed its an MMO but not a KOTOR MMO... Why? Because Bioware=EA is doing it with LUcas Arts..


    The link I pointed to has been mentioned several times in these threads, and not by me the first time around. I repost it because this persistent KotOR MMO rumor keeps turning up even though LA has denied it.


    One word of clarification, though. We don't know what LA and Bioware are working on, not even whether it's an MMO or not. All we know is that it's not related to KotOR. That it's Star Wars and an MMO is my own speculation. It may not be either. I sincerely doubt it's a new, original intellectual property, as I don't see why would LA be involved if it were, but for all we know so far it could be, remote though that possibility may seem. But even if it's a franchise owned by LA, it need not be Star Wars.... It could be Indiana Jones. Or Willow. Or Howard the Duck. Or Zak McKracken. Or Monkey Island. Or Grim Fandango. Or... you get the picture.


    I remember reading somewhere it was a confirmed MMO

  6. Has anyone posted or even looked at some of the other forums who have similar KOTOR 3 idea topics like Bioware,LucasArts,Game Spy and etc.. Well I noticed one thing... none of those forums have any "great" ideas.. Lucas Arts is one that is debatable because if read a couple of their posts and I enjoyed some. I think ObsidianEnt right now has the best ideas/forum on KOTOR 3 Ideas ... anyone agree?

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    Ok... :huh:

    It looks like someone has been reading to many neo-con blogs. o:)


    Hmm never heard that before, but dont worry I only watch what reporters report... and look at leaked information...

  8. what about DS Revan/DS Exile?


    I'd have the former so for the latter it's different, you've got DS Exile trying to stop DS Revan and become the new Dark Lord...


    By latter I meant for DS Revan/DS Exile. You've got DS Exile trying to become the new Dark Lord, and the only way to do this is to take down DS Revan.


    Good ideas but you need to incorparate the new protaganist.


    Thanks. I don't agree the new PC has to be involved in the Revan/Exile conflict, though. I suppose the PC could influence the outcome based on your decision. It'd be cool if Revan & the Exile had a long, epic battle, with a winner looking unlikely to ever emerge, until the PC steps in and helps one or the other. This way there'd still be dispute over who would win in a battle between Revan & the Exile, which would upset the fanboys hoping to see their hero triumph. o:)


    This is exactly what I was thinking the entire time this was on my mind. What if in the new KOTOR 3 you could decide who to assist,help, or destroy. Your decisions throughout the game can seem small, but blow up in conflict in the end.. or middle.. Im not sure what a good time would be for them to fight...

  9. I think the storylines are becoming to the point where it will have to be sooner rather than later, considering all the buildup that Revan's fight against the True Sith is receiving, and sooner or later, the summation of the consequences of the actions both of them made will have to arrive. Fighting a dying Republic is different from fighting a reviving one. The endgame can't be irrelevant to everything else that happened. The endgame is a result of something that happened. K2 was able to have all four storylines work because it was (for all intents and purposes) separate from K1. It was building another segment to the arch, and now we're heading towards the peak of the arch, which is dependent on the segments supporting it.


    But the overall result is the same, regardless.


    The Sith of KotOR got ****ed over, regardless if Revan was DS or not. The Republic is weak and rebuilding, regardless. The Jedi are a rabble, regardless. The Mandalorians are a small but potent, rebuilding force, regardless.


    It's the short term future of the Jedi that will be affected, which is dependant on the Exile's alignment. If the Exile is DS, then what situation will the Jedi be in come K3? What do you do with the Exile's companions if the Exile is DS? These two questions, in my opinion, can be dealt with and implemented into the plot, hence I don't see why canon should be put in.


    For the former, the few Jedi left can be led by different people. For the latter, the Exile's companions can be Dark Jedi, allied with the Mandalorians, preparing for battle with the True Sith.


    Here we agree (I even mentioned it above), but isn't the opposite your basis for why canon shouldn't be followed?


    No. To support a non canon plot doesn't mean I expect much diversity in the story depending on alignment. All I'm saying is, a fairly consistent story can be done for K3 without resorting to canon. I'd love one of the developers to be able to confirm this, but as it is...


    As I was reading this, another thought hit me (this may be getting off-topic and bringing in other threads into this, but I'm going ahead with it anyway) - if the Sith are a belief, and the True Sith follow that belief, and Revan was an expert of fighting a war of conversion and doubt, then isn't it a possibility that this battle will be fought with ideas rather than lightsabers? Now I'm not sure how the Exile necessarily fits into this equation yet (and as I mentioned in another thread, I doubt their reunion will be a happy one because of Revan's requests).


    I'm starting to wonder if that Revan went to the Unknown Regions to convert the True Sith to his cause, propagandize a war with the Republic where the True Sith (and their beliefs) would be baited into extinction, and Revan didn't want anyone following him because right as the True Sith began to fight the war that would end them, Revan would vanish from the True Sith's sight, and if someone he knew was with him in the Unknown Regions, they would be unaware of his true intentions and think that once again Revan was stabbing his back on the Republic. Upon that assumption, they would probably make a beeline for Republic space and start wailing "traitor", if Revan wasn't able to silence them (lethally if necessary). Also, there are times where one outside individual is more effective than an entire outside legion.


    Again I have little idea where the Exile fits into all this, though.


    You can't expect the True Sith to just put their feet up and listen to an outsider. The Sith prove themselves through their power of the force, through physical feats of ability. I agree that Revan went to fight a war of conversion, either as an undercover or genuine Sith, but in order for Revan to be accepted, Revan would have to demonstrate great skill and power, first. I'm sure Revan thought of a way to do this, then perhaps convert the younger and upcoming Sith to a "rebellion" against the hierarchy of the True Sith and cause a massive civil war, which would delay any plans they had to attack the Republic.


    I agree with Architect, canon is canon it doesn't have to be that way. But it being that way can make since and be easier to put together.. but non-canon could be incredible.

  10. Exactly, that is why Kreia "had" to end that council. It wasn't some darkside moment where she felt she could gain power... I played KOTOR 2 killing the jedi when they were all united... Why?? Because I felt I wanted to help them in their quest to help the galaxy. But they didn't deserve to exile me and "cut off" my connection. The council knew what the true reason of the exile was, but its pathetic they kept it hidden all that time. Because they were to proud to say they were WRONG.

  11. regardless of how revan fell/sacfirce himself to the darkside, I do think that he does have an element of power hungryness to him.



    Many Jedi that fall to the dark side to tend to do it for the power regardless of the purity of their intentions.


    You dont seem to ever know what your talking about, you must use wikipedia for your sources..

  12. I could see it ending up that way. You've possibly got:


    LS Revan/LS Exile: When LS Revan has finished being a fake Sith, LS Exile, not having fallen to the dark side before, is corrupted by it, unable to return to the light, even though the Exile made the same sacrifice Revan did in the first place. Revan tries to turn the Exile back to the light, this leads to a battle...


    LS Revan/DS Exile: The Exile has no intention of returning to the light and tries to take down Revan, who's now the Exile's only threat to complete triumph over the Jedi. Meanwhile Revan attempts to turn the Exile back to the light, which obviously leads to a battle...


    DS Revan/LS Exile: You could have it that the Exile returns from being a fake Sith back to the light and fights Revan, or the Exile tries to stop Revan and become the new Dark Lord. I'd have the former so for the latter it's different, you've got DS Exile trying to stop DS Revan and become the new Dark Lord...


    Good ideas but you need to incorparate the new protaganist.

  13. I do believe that the exile was healing throughout the game, simply by having other around

    him does not mean he borrows their force, but simply he can touch it without opening his "wound" too much.


    If she follows the Jedi path then she heals, and that healing is amlost complete by the time she goes to Dantoine to meet

    the masters.


    Assuming that is the case, why do the masters insist on cutting the exile off from the force, regardless of whether he follows the light or dark side?


    In fact, they argue quite the contrary. The following is spoken to the LS exile.


    "In you, we saw the end of the Force. Yes... you can feel the Force, but you cannot feel yourself. You are a cipher, forming bonds, leeching the life of others, siphoning their will and dominating them. It is the teaching of these new Sith, to feed on others, on other Force Sensitives. They are symptomatic of the wound in the Force. You are a breach that must be closed. You transmit your pain, your suffering through the Force.Within you, we see something worse than merely the teachings of the Sith. What you carry may mean the death of the Force... and the death of the Jedi. So you think. It is not the strength of a Jedi you feel. He's right. It's... all the death you've caused to get here. You feed on it, and you grow stronger. You're like Malachor... it's in you, it's what you are now. You must have noticed as you've fought across all these planets, killing hundreds - only to become more and more powerful. Why do you think that was?But what's worse, is that bonding you have - it hasn't gone away. It's gotten stronger, and the more attachments you form, the more you draw others to you.And that is why you are a threat to us all.What if other Jedi went to war as you did, suffered the same events, and emerged as you did. What if there was a crucible that trained such Jedi to consume and kill? For you, Malachor was that crucible. What's worse, is these Sith that we face... I fear that they have learned the lesson of Malachor all too well. It is what allows them to prey on Force users, to become stronger when Force Sensitives are near. Somehow, they have learned their hunger from you. And so you have brought about the end of the Jedi, and perhaps all the knowledge of the Force."



    You must keep a scrap book with all the speeches in the game... Just Kidding. I enjoy reading this because its a very intriguing speech. It made me think WTF?? The first time I heard it. It somewhat is the truth, but most of it is blinded by the flaws of the council... So there is no exact anwser why and how.

  14. I actually suspect that due to the Exile being what she is, she is the only one who is in fact capable of defeating Revan. I also suspect that the same is true the other way around - Revan being the only one capable of defeating the Exile.


    However, since Revan has shown himself to be, among other things, incredibly smart and a master tactician, I suspect Revan would win during their first scuffle at least.



  15. You know whats a fact? Bane is slow and strong, so Revan could chop his arms off!!


    Erm... not quite. Orbalisks block lightsabers, and I don't recall Bane being slow anyway. :lol:


    But remember, Revan has 1000 ways to kill a Jedi or Sith ;)



    ... kinda like Palpatine, for that matter.


    Epic Conversational Win!

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