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  1. After reading this:


    Bane, FTW. o:)


    I'm glad you enjoyed it it's another Star Wars masterpiece. I really enjoyed the main character Bane because he was such a bad ass. He wasn't a goody good two shoes, and the energy whip was pretty interesting and brilliant.

  2. want to know why it was rushed in the first place? Because people that are begging for its release some just wanting a damn glimpse of it. I wish to see it come out as much as anyone else, but I'd rather give it more time to make sure everything is in its right place and tested through and through. If people think KOTOR2 was bad then that proves how mental you are and blind towards a good game. Now what made it "bad" is the removed content,bugs, and rushed plot. This is what I fear for its 3 version because like jediphile and architect said we don't want the baloon before its even inflated.

  3. The only time he has been defeated was when Jedi were attacking him and his apprentice betrayed him at the same time.


    Meh... shoulda seen that coming.


    Maybe Revan WANTED to be caught? It's not very obvious from K1, but in K2, Kreia got me thinking that Revan had all these hidden agendas... started the Mandalorian wars to SAVE the Republic and whatnot... who knows? Maybe this was Revan's plot all along to follow the light again... :shifty:


    And speaking of Mandalorian

    - Just to lighten the mood. :bat:

    actually that is the only thing revan didnt plan.. It was a huge setback, thank Bastilla she might seem like some Jedi pacifist but she can hold her own in both combat and romance, not that you could tell because the screen went black

  4. I've been reading these posts for a long time and pretty much everything has been covered in the past 24 70+ pages long threads, which have kept me from contributing myself. But I'll give it a go.



    Knights of The Old Republic, the first game in the series, was somewhat an eyeopener for me into the Star Wars history and really showed me the potential in the SWs licence, which I feel have been squandered by many companies before.


    But Bioware's games lack depth, this has always been a problem for me. Both NWN, KOTOR and the newest Mass Effect are great games, but only for so long. They are repetetive and often follow the same story arch. Generic Unknown Unique Indvidual is put in a situation where he must save the town/galaxy/universe, either by good will or selfinterest, he gatheres friends, discovers something from his own past and is betrayed either externally or internally - and usually by a friend or mentor. It's cool enough the first time, not so great the second time and a little boring the third time.


    Obsidian Entertainment did the same in the TSL expansion. Where they differ is the fact that they true to explore the nature behind things, question the nature of the force, morality and push the players expectations. I love when game developers are trying to make you think instead of just focus on entertaining you - we can argue wether or not they succeded, but at least they tried and are still trying in their current games. Their games suffer from bugs and missing content, which is just as bad as a generic story arch. It has more potential, but if it's never fufilled...


    If KOTOR3 is ever released, I'm not so worried about tiding up the story from the former games. It doesn't even have to be the same era. What I would like is kind of a Bioware/Obsidian hybrid. A good stable game, with a strong story. But a story that goes beyond the normal Space Drama. One that really makes us look at Star Wars in a different light.

    What is the Force? - A look behind the curtain of this mythology.

    Why do we Fall? - Is it invevitable for those who indulge in feelings and what are the consequences?

    Impact on the Universe - Here I'm not talking about simply revisiting the Plantes you've been to and see the difference, but rather play out a part of history or shed light on some of the more unknown pages of the SWs history, make us feel that what we do in the game has something to do with the overall mythology.

    Consequence of Choice - Needless to say somethings will be forced on you when you make specific choices, make sure the game will punish and reward behaviour according to the setting. Forcing people to fall to the Dark Side, if they don't stay clear of temptation, would be a daring and brave element, I'm not sure it would be well recieved or even work, but I would love to see it tried.

    A more dynamic approach - Levelling is fun for sure, but it's unrealistic, with the setting, to go from level 1 to 30+ in a matter of days or weeks. Either give us fewer levels (which are harder to attain) or reward us differently. Better gear is realistic enough.


    In the end what I want is a game that's story driven like TSL, which dares to question set beliefs. Exploring the "grey", being gritty etc.

    The Star Wars universe is somewhat Good vs. Evil - and no middle ground. Which is why it's important to look at that area in between.


    I could go on, but I think you get the jest of it.


    Thanks for reading.


    - Rosbjerg


    Sounds good to me, I always thought Bioware lacked in some area's as Obsidian does.. but EA bought Bioware.. I don't see a team up happening. Im confident Obsidian can tackle it alone, but it still would be a great help if Bioware pitched in. I mean look at Mass Effect... it might not be as long lasting as the KOTOR's but it shows what you can do to an RPG on a Next Generation Console

  5. Wouldn't romance between Revan & Exile (YUCK) be masturbation technically?


    I mean, they're both PC's...


    I agree with Xard. Again. NO Revan/Exile romance. And, as EVERYONE knows, Revan and the Exile were BOTH women. At least, MINE were. :p And this ISN'T Bioware, so no "woman/woman's a good idea!" And Canon is LAME. :)


    Your a shallow pool. While your having funky Girl On Girl... ill be doing it the way its ment to be. :)

  6. You wouldn't confuse the players as the character would be called The Exile not Darth Nihilus. Or you could give the Exile a different mask and robes. Or you could show their faces, so long as the player gets to choose them. As far as how they're supposed to sound like goes, in KotOR we already heard glimpses of what Revan sounds like, so Revan has a set voice. There's no reason why they can't bite the bullet and do the same for the Exile. I'd rather a set voice over a set sex/alignment/face any day. If making small sacrifices results in a prettier overall picture, then so be it.


    I agree with you again.

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