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  1. name one time, other than Revan, when the Sith were as powerful as they were under the RoT.



    How was that Empire powerful? It lasted barely a few decades and was brought to its knees by a small rebellion. Under Revan hundreds of Jedi Knights and the entire Republic were losing to the Sith Empire, and I'm pretty sure there were Sith Empires stronger than Revan's but I don't really know much about them, just a little bit on wokkieepedia.


    On another note, how was Bane free from restrictions? Or the perfect Sith? He was nothing more than a powerful Sith lord of his time, there was nothing really special about him.


    On ANOTHER note, it says that the Sith'ari will rule the Sith. You can hardly say he was ruling the Sith when there was only one other Sith than himself.


    Hahaha! A Small rebellion led by one of the greatest jedi knights guided by both Yoda and Obi-Wan. But I agree all Bane was was a raged dark jedi who ate up darkside food.

  2. Sorry to seem like an ass.. but are you a complete dumb ass? George owns Lucas Arts... hes made many statements on the franchise aswell.


    Well, are you?


    Just because someone owns something doesn't mean that he is involved in everything that is done.

    Bill Gates isn't developing software for Microsoft, just like the owners of Walmart, IKEA or any other billionaire don't have anything to do with the business of local parts of the company.


    Lucas is a film-maker, he produces movies, not to mention that he is father of three children, he has no time to lead companies like LucasArts, ILM or Skywalker Sound. Every sub-company has its own management which makes the decisions. Above them, is another management which makes sure that all the managements of the sub-companies are doing their job properly.


    That is a fact. Just because Lucas gets involved in certain production circles which require the word of the creator of Star Wars, doesn't mean that he is involved in day-to-day business. Why do you think these people are around, because Lucas likes to throw money at people while he is doing their job? :rolleyes:


    What kind of movies ILM and Skywalker Sound are working on, and which games LucasArts is working on, is decided by themselves. The president of LucasArts decides how to handle the franchises they have. He decides what kind of release schedule they want to have (see the change from many games to just one big game per year that they were talking about), whether they are producing in-house or outsourcing the material, and which games have a high priority.



    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan must use breath control in order to save them selves from dioxes (sp?), the gas that the Trade Federation floods into their guest room. Wookieepedia has stated (with citations from Kreia) that few Jedi have mastered Breath Control, but the ones who have could hold their breath for hours and even days. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are two Jedi who had a relatively typical Jedi life - no epic teachings of any sort.


    Later on in the movie we see the pair of Jedi run from Droidekas. Watch this seen again and you will notice their extreme running speed. (Comparable to Knight Speed and its enhancements from KOTOR I and II).


    How exactly does breath control work? Does it filter the air to make it clean or does it just make it so you don't have to breath at all? From KOTOR 2 it sounded like you didn't need to breath anymore. This makes me think Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were using a different power because they had to use those weird little devices to breath underwater.


    Pretty much the only Star Wars game I've played beyond KOTOR 2 have been Jedi Outcast which also had speed and Battlefront which allowed Jedi to run super fast, so i assume here that speed is a pretty common power throughout history.



    What you really need to do here though is compare the magnitude of certain powers. In the movies we see Palpatine using lightning on Luke and it doesn't look too impressive. In KOTOR we have characters who hold up one hand and shoot lightning everywhere, killing all the enemies around them.


    Bastila's battle meditation. She had the power to augment the power of an enitre fleet. We see nothing cpmparable to this in any of the movies.



    Also, all the characters in KOTOR are way stronger than anyone in the movies. In the movies when someone is hit once by a lightsaber body parts usually fall off. In the KOTOR games it takes like a hundred hits with a lightsaber to kill someone. The old Jedi order obviously had some lightsaber resistance abilities. :brows:


    If I remember correctly the Republic started winning some serious ground victories after the Jedi became the Generals. Battle Meditation? Maybe.


    It all goes back to the game/movie argument. In games, people want Epic powers. In movies, you tend to stay away from a big red/orange death beam connecting a Sith to his victim.


    You've got it twisted... Look at "Transformers" they butchered it to make it more mainstream.

  3. Doesn't quite ring a bell, but maybe you're thinking of this...


    Kreia: "It is sometimes... difficult to find truth in the Jedi Civil War.Was it the Republic that defeated Malak, or was it Revan? If it was Revan, then the Republic was never truly tested.A culture's teachings, and most importantly, the nature of its people, achieve definition in conflict. They find themselves... or find themselves lacking. Too long did the Republic remain unchallenged. It is a stagnant beast that labors for breath... and has for centuries. The Jedi Order was the heart that sustained its sickness - now the Jedi are lost, we shall see how long the Republic can survive."


    I knew you would drop the quote.

  4. Note: I have the latest patch and am running XP with hardware far beyond this game's needs.


    I've been playing KoTORII for a couple days now and am on the Telos Citadel Station. I Alt+Tab a lot to use AIM and Firefox while playing. When I do this and KoTOR is minimized my computer runs very slowly and has frozen on me twice such that I had to do a hard reset. I always save my game before Alt+Tabing so I don't lose my progress in case my computer does indeed freeze.


    The first time my computer froze, forcing me to do a hard reset, I just loaded up the game and had no problems. Now, however, there is an issue. I can load up my saved game without difficulty, but my party members are missing. Also, if I try to enter the Cantina the game goes to main start up screen (with the dude in the black with the funny mask). If I try to use rapid transit or go to a new area the game crashes and the "An Error Has Occurred" box pops up.


    Is there any way to fix this problem or will I have to start a new game? Have others had this problem?


    Put your save game on a flash drive then re-install.


    That has been proved to work. Give it a try.

  5. If the Dark Side is stronger, why is it that the Light has always prevailed?


    Because Lucas wanted it that way, and others have continued the trend - plus they might lose sales if the "good" side did not win. :(


    If the Dark Side is stronger, why is it that the Sith (aside from Sidious) have never brought the Republic to its knees?


    Have you not heard of Darth Reven?! :ermm:


    The Sith will never permanently rule, the good will always endure, because thats what it does best.


    Bull****. Your view of "good" might be different from my own - and thus your "good" prevailing might be my "bad" taking control.


    1. :D, you ignored the whole idea of the post. There are people out there that will always argue the Dark Side is stronger. You could answer any argument to any story by simply saying (The Author Wanted it that way!) Doh


    2. Darth Revan is an iffy subject. It can be argued that he was both Dark Sided and Light Sided, or if you play the non-canonical KOTOR just Dark Sided the whole way through. Even with his power as the Dark Lord he still had a weakness. Bastila and and some Jedi borded his flagship and fought him, and due to the (As I mentioned Earlier) Sith lifestyle, Revan's not so loyal apprentice betrayed him.


    3. My view of good is perfectly obvious. A republic/democracy instead of some Sith Emperor who believes if you can't fend for yourself you should just take a blaster shot the head and save someone else some trouble.


    It doesnt matter he still was the dark lord at one point in time.

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