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  1. Man your ice cold on your posts in the kotor 3 thread bad ass man. (Im tired of the crowd of MMO haters just saying their opinion like someone cares)

  2. I was using you as an example, but thats how lucas arts will make even more money off of an MMO than a singleplayer. People get caught in the hype and pay for the monthly fee

  3. Nice way of wrapping up that KOTOR MMO thread. Props

  4. He must be a good friend. No friend of mine would sell it that cheap

  5. 800? mine was a grand..

  6. Yep I actually do. I have a sting-ray 5 string black/blue bass.

  7. Thanks for the opportunity to post a stickie.

  8. Thanks for the help she's quite fiesty... RAWR

  9. Your age or the rating out of 100?

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