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  1. Strangely I've found upscaled Gorecci Street to be easier than upscaled Digsite drake fight. Just food up, sneak from below and put your main char (brute) & Xoti (monk) beside the wizard & Eder (swashie) beside the archer, and you'll win the fight even with no hirelings and full AI control.

    Digsite drake fight on the other hand, I have been banging my head against the wall to solve it, even giving up on the game for several days due to it. Of course the easy answer is to get a Druid hireling and just spam Charm Beast. But I don't want to split pull or hire customs or be forced to play a Druid MC, so only yesterday I've finally finished it and it felt so, so good. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Aotrs Commander said:


    OK, I've managed to reproduce your problem, and I've managed to find a workaround.

    What you need to do is, as soon as you've finished the Oracle fight, and go back to Temple of Revelation:

    1. Tayn & Llengrath will immediately talk to you.

    2. Just go through the conversation as normal, until Llengrath asks you "What do you plan to do next?".

    3. The very 1st option now should be "I found the arcane device etc", choose that.

    4. Then proceed with the keeping.

    5. Now all the parts should be combined properly, and you'll get your Mythic ingredient.

    You must follow above steps exactly. If you speak to Llengrath later as shown in your picture above, the "combining" trigger seems to be bugged out and didn't happen.

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  3. On 6/30/2019 at 11:44 PM, Aotrs Commander said:

    So, after fighting the Oracle twice today (because there was no save between the end of the fight and the dialogue and I exited the conversation instead of killing it the first time), I discovered that Seeds of Deception quest had quietly obivated itself from my quest log (I hadn't apparently found the second part in the upper bowels) - I didn't even get a quest failed notification and it wouldn't let me pick up the third one. (Given I'd had over a week, between illness and holiday and taking the second crack at the oracle (the first was a disaster...) I had to check a prior save to confirm that yes, I DID remember starting the quest). So, that meant aving to back to the bowels and another twenty minutes stealthing round shooting the static objects before I started and oracle fight again.

    So, having FINALLY gotten through the oracle for the third time today (by this point, the most successful...), I got all three godseeds and I can give them the Llangrath or keep them... but I don't seem to be able to use them to enchant to mythic (as the wiki suggested) - there's just no option.

    Which, after going back specifically to do that so I could is... a mite frustrating, as you might imagine, at this point.

    Is there some trick to this, i.e. you can only craft to mythic with something that comes later on? Or can you only craft with them if you do Seeds with Tayn as the quest-giver? (If so, I guess I'll give them to Llengrath in exchange for that kind naff item...)


    I've just reached this part, and remembered this thread. Basically you have to choose to keep them when you finished the quest, and you'll get the Godseed as an ingredient.

    I've done it with Llengrath and be able to enchant an item to Mythic just fine. Remember, you have to enchant an item to Legendary first, before you can enchant to Mythic (for free).

    So including the BB, you'll be able to enchant 2 of your items to Mythic without fighting any of the megabosses,

    CC: @Wormerine, @Ivanfyodorovich

  4. Maura's Grasping Belt is another +1.

    BTW, you may also get +3 Engagement slot from Barbarian's Barbaric Shout, and +1 from Thick Skinned. So a Barbarian/Unbroken would probably have the highest possible engagement slot, and not limited to a shield.

    On how many numbers are enough? It's highly dependent. Bear in mind that unless you build your tank with really low Res/Con, and/or uses Stealth to ensure enemies focused on him, the enemy AI will engage intelligently and ignore him in most cases for other juicier targets. Even when already engaged they will use all the mobility stuff like Escape etc appropriately.


  5. 9 hours ago, Boeroer said:

    I don't know if that got patched.

    What still works is: if the ghost blades from the weapon kill something they will proc another ghost blades instance - and so on. Chain reaction is possible.

    Same with Grave Calling (Chilling Grave): if Chillfog kills a vessel that will proc another Chillfog.

    Also Hel Beckoning: if your Noxious Burst kills a spirit it will proc another Noxious Burst.


    Finally tested it. As expected (?) Cruel Blades does not proc ghost blades when killing stuff with Driving Roar.

    However, the upgraded Blade Feast does proc the ghost blades with Driving Roar kill! Is it a bug due to the dev overlooking the new enchantment, or a feature because the enchanted version should be better than the old version? You decide 🤭

  6. Hey @Boeroer. I've been reading through some old threads, and I saw this quote from you (from August 2018):

    "Espirs is one of the best weapons in the game for me: it's Ghost Blades proc on kill - and it doesn't matter how you kill the enemy - DoT, AoE, whatever. You don't need to kill with the Blade but can also do it with a spell - as long as you are holding the blade. That also means that the Ghost Blades will proc more Ghost Blades if they kill something."

    Is this valid as of the latest patch? Unfortunately I'm going to be away from my pc for some time to test this.

  7. @Wotcha: I am familiar with the concept of stat stick, however what I'm looking more is general proccing stuff. There are multiple items in the wiki which states specifically "do x with Great Sword attacks" or "hits with this weapon do y" for example, however when you use another weapon which is not that specific, it still doesn't proc unfortunately.

    Another example is "give 10% action speed" buff. From here you would assume that it's a general speed-up, but unfortunately it only work with attacks using that specific weapon (not even the other weapon if you dual wield). However, stuff like Rust's does work with mainhand weapon, for example.

    These inconsistencies are the reason why I ask the community if they found any item which actually functions as expected.

    @Elric Galad: well, the question is more general since I'm going to build a proper nuker someday, like Evoker or Ascendant or something, so that's why I want to know the general gearing up of casters.

    @Boeroer: that's good to know, thanks. Any other items you noticed?

  8. Ok, finally got the opportunity to do proper testing with Driving Roar. Holy ****. That damage is unreal. I probably should just cut Maia & put in the Serafen & Konstanten combo.

    1. Fire lash chant - no.

    2. Zealous Aura - yes.

    3. Might bonus - yes.

    4. PL bonus - yes.

    5. Kuaru's ring (5% spell damage) - no.

    6. Baubles & Fin (% damage aura) - yes.

    Also, I just realized that there are so few ways to boost spell damage, much less a non-spell ability like this, RIP.

  9. 1 hour ago, RonMamita said:


    I literally just tested in-game just now, and it works just fine.

    Can you confirm if you have at least the following:

    1. Non-default ship (I use Voyager)

    2. At least master deckhands & master helmsman (Both skill checks exist, though only shows 3, so expert should be OK)

    3. Full complement of crew including the 3 reserves.

    4. Full morale

    5. Full upgrades - I use Ymyran Steel Helm, Arcane Lanterns, Ymyran Steel Anchor, Captain's Quarters, and Menagerie.

    If still failed, maybe you should attach the pictures of your slides in the end.

  10. 1. Craft a Blackwood Hull in the special tab of your crafting button. 1 of them is in Fort Deadlight's boss room.

    2. Buy a Dragonwing Sail from Splintered Reef's shop. Yes, it still does work if you (like probably everyone else) had killed off the innkeeper, just go to Map -> Supply and buy from there. No, don't ask why the dev thinks it's a good idea to put the very vital ending-unlocking item there.

    You're done!

  11. Yes, I know that it's a level 19 skill. But since you'll reach the max level cap so fast in this game anyway, it doesn't really matter as you can use some other build and/or someone else.

    Anyway, tagging @Boeroer as well since you're the originator of this idea.

    So according to my search results here, below skills/items do work:

    1. Blood Frenzy's crit proc

    2. Spirit Frenzy's Staggered

    3. Acina's Tricorn (so Ring of Marksman should work also, right?)

    4. PL items, of course

    What else? Any specific gear especially weapons that I should be picking up? Do lashes etc transfer, from chanter/pet's aura for example? How about weapon modals? Tenacious?

  12. 7 hours ago, QuiteGoneJin said:

    I've been thinking of a different mode/playthrough and this challange seems fun, Magrans Challange AI settings and all party members on auto and you only control yourself. Would feel like a very different game. Might do for second playthrough as I want to exp companion stories first, or maybe Ill edit the companions stats and classes (you can still do that with mods right?)

    Actually on my current playthrough with the 2nd party above, I've enabled the Magran's & Berath's Challenge (since I'll usually reload if a party member gone down anyway) and been having a blast. The only minor issue with Magran is when stealing stuff you can't just pause once you've reached the container, but have to click ASAP. Unfortunately, the major issue with Berath is that if a spare party member (the ones in reserve) got knockdown during ship boarding scenario, they will permanently die within a short time. So you have to play around that a bit, by really tanking your spare members up.

  13. Just to give an update & consolidate my thoughts before moving on, I've finally completed my full-AI PoTD playthrough, with the following party:

    1. MC Helwalker/Devoted (Axe) - Clear Out + Swift Flurry with Amra is sweet, though No Quarter (the boot's ability) is the best. It's literally Charge + Heart of Fury.

    2. Xoti Monk - Perma-Whispers due to special subclass.

    3. Mirke Monk - Perma-Whispers due to Keeper of the Flame.

    4. Eder Swashbuckler - mainly for pet slot & Persistent Distraction, though DPS is quite high. Slower than others though. Uses Scordeo's + Sun & Moon for max DPS.

    5. Pallegina Herald - mainly for auras & summons & Shared Flames. DPS is the lowest. Uses Sasha's Singing Scimitar + Magran's Favor for speed aura & +Fire PLs.

    6. Pets - both +5 Melee Acc  ones. Dual mortars are not used due to this.

    So some comments:

    1. The main reason why Whispers' damage is so high, other than the no-recovery of course, is the teleporting. A ranged DPS can be so much higher than a melee DPS simply because they don't incur DPS loss in walking around, so I guess that's why the current available ranged DPS is worst compared to melee DPS.

    2. Pallegina's weapon summons are good, but could be so much better if you could program their AI scripts to spam their special attacks.

    3. Sasha's Singing Scimitar is also the same - it's good, but unfortunately you cannot program the AI to auto-Empower stuff.

    4. Swift Flurry's potential DPS is just so much higher compared to any other abilities in game - each proc is a 100% multiplicative buff to your damage, and it can repeat multiple times.

    Overall, the team performs awesome. You literally just enjoy the fireworks all game long 🤩 anyway, for my next playthrough I'm going to use this team:

    1. MC Helwalker/Barbarian (no sub) - Berserker's self damage is too high (35 Might + Helwalker's self amplify), and not worth it for the +2 Pen. Plus you also get Tenacious by other means. Plus you can just enable your mainhand sabre modal & spam full attacks (infinite Stunning Surges FTW) to get them for free. The only loss is +2 AR, which is negligible in a party, and +30% hit to crit, which doesn't really stack well with other sources. Will also use Instrument of Pain to minimize DPS loss mentioned earlier, and pair Scordeo's Edge + Stalker's Patience for maximum possible Swift Flurry + no-recovery procs. 

    2-3. The 2 monks, of course.

    4. Maia Scout - ranged DPS is ridiculously high, though pet's dying can be problematic. Currently testing scripts for her to take care of her pet immediately in case of dying, and test Play Dead if it's automatically used or not by pet. Currently using the Red Hand, but may change to the dual hand mortars once she's gotten the Concussive skill.

    5. Still TBC, though I'm sticking with Pallegina Herald + dual hand mortars for now. Pallegina's racial bonus mean you can just perma-enable Powder Burns, and the Scion of Flame means you'll get a bit more Penetration & the Ring of Focused Flames to boost both Powdered Burns & Shared Flames. Shared Flames AOE is super small though, something like 2.5 metres base maybe.

    Feel free to ask if you have any questions/ideas/suggestions.

  14. 2 hours ago, Boeroer said:

    Ouff - good question, I never tested that. I guess it doesn't matter.

    The reason is I want to pair Stalker's Patience with Kapana Taga for an engaging build, and Kapana has a faster speed so better put offhand. At the same time Stalker's Patience in mainhand means all those Clear Outs/Knockdowns would be much boosted as well. 

    Seems from my limited testing it doesn't seems to trigger, but my testing has shown incorrect results before. That's why I ask.

  15. On 6/28/2019 at 3:49 PM, Boeroer said:

    He cannot because he can't edit his post. Blame the new forum software. :(I answered your question in the dedicated threat.

    Tl;dr: Weapon Switch adds a fixed 2.5 secs of recovery. Quick Switch: -1.5 secs, Black Jacket passive: -1 sec. 

    As always, thanks. Just a follow up question. Stalker's Patience has a 20% on crit no recovery. Do I need to put it on offhand if I want to use Full Attacks all the time to get the proc's benefit, or it doesn't matter?

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