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  1. I'm not sure if this is relevant but I happened to have the app running in the background as the clock hit midnight local time (16 minutes ago at the time of writing) and right on 12:00 I got a popup saying it had stopped. So it's not only during startup that it'll crash, presumably. Something in the app or the system refuses to let it run or be running if the clock says AM.

  2. After some further testing on my own, I've discovered something odd. Sometimes the game will run fine and not crash at all. Specifically, it seems if the local time is anything AM it crashes on startup as described in the first post. However, if I manually set the phone's time to anything PM it will run fine. Likewise, if it's anything PM it'll run fine but if I manually set it to AM it crashes. If I set the phone to 24 hour time it still crashes if it's anything that would be AM. Anyone know if the way the operating system handles time changed at all from Android 6 to Android 7? Cause this is a reliable thing I've tested at four or five different times of the day, if the phone is set to anything AM it crashes and if it's anything PM it doesn't, seemingly regardless of what the time actually is.


    If nothing else I suppose it's a workaround - if anyone else is experiencing similar crashes after updating, try that I guess.

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  3. Thanks for the confirmation about the save files. Unfortunately, after reinstalling the app it still crashes in the same fashion. Only difference is I don't get music playing behind the error popup anymore. Restarting the phone let me get into the app at least but it crashed again as soon as I selected a party. Any other ideas that might help determine what's causing this? I'd really rather not have to find out how to roll back to the previous version of Android just for one game.

  4. So I've been playing this on my Galaxy Note 5 formerly running Android 6 for a few weeks now and I've never had any issues with it. Yesterday I updated the phone to Android 7 and since then Pathfinder Adventures crashes on startup more often than not. When I go to start the game I get the loading screen but as soon as it goes to transition to the main title screen it freezes and drops me back to the home screen with a popup saying Pathfinder Adventures has stopped. While that popup is up I can hear the app playing its music but it stops as soon as I close the popup. I don't see the thing for Google Play signing in before it crashes if that matters.


    On two occasions its gotten past the load screen - once I was able to play a full scenario with no issues before quitting the app normally and the other it crashed in the same manner as I was starting a scenario just as it was about to display the villain.


    I've tried restarting the phone and clearing caches for both the app and Google Play with no effect. Im considering uninstalling and reinstalling the app in case the OS upgrade borked something but I'm not sure if that'll erase my progress or not. If it will, is there any way to save that somehow? Or failing that, is there some other troubleshooting step I can or should take before doing that?

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