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  1. Sorry, was already able to fix this problem myself! If somebody encounters this or similar bug, deleting .fog and .ivi files for the location (just search for durgan forge in the savegame archive) and getting the items once again works.
  2. Hello, As I remember from last walkthroughs, inserting two adra spheres and adra disk into forge should reactivate it and spawn some enemies. This is not the case in my current playthrough - there is a save file attached. As it can be seen by fire below the floor cages that both spheres were already inserted, and andra disk is in my inventory. Forge can be examined or enriched with an adra disk. Doing so does nothing - after that only examination option is available. I tried leaving the zone, restarting the game and waiting in and outside of Durgan's Battery. Nothing helps. I don't ha
  3. Same, trying to run the game on High Sierra 10.13.4, Macbook Pro 13, Late 2013
  4. I also have Deadfire DLC installed, but the problem is still here for me. All other 4 steps are valid.
  5. Same for me. Affects only weapons and shields (armor and weather elements are OK). Configuration is the leatest version of MacOS on MacBook Pro Late 2013.
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