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  1. I really like this game, but there are lots of bugs that I almost want to stop playing it altogether. Truth betold I hadn't played it in several months, maybe even a year because of how buggy it is. I am in Jorgenfist (4-2) and this is my most recent problem.


    What platform are you on? Android

    What version of the OS are you running? 8.0.0

    What model is the device? LG V30

    What is your PFID#? 81EB4067C5390099

    Is pass & play on?  Is permadeath on? No. No

    Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story Mode, and no I did not recently start it.

    Characters in Party, Location, and Turn Order

    1. Harsk – Treacherous Cave
    2. Lem – City Gate
    3. Seoni – Prison
    4. Valeros – Guard Tower
    5. Merisiel – Courtyard
    6. Kyra - Garrison

    Scenario & Scenario Difficulty.  Jorgenfist (4-2) Heroic Difficulty – Darkest Night

    What card was encountered when the issue occurred? I played Scrying with Lem on Lem’s location on Lem’s turn before he explored. I found Jorgenfist Stone Giant Henchman, Werewolf, and another card that didn't matter and placed JSG on on top. Then, it wouldn’t let me encounter the henchman.

    Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore?  1st exploration. 

    Did other characters aid the check?  No. 

    Was the encounter a Horde? No.

  2. Android 6.0; LG G3 Smartphone; PFID#-81EB4067C5390099

    Pass & Play: Not on; Story Mode: Playing same story mode since June or July of 2016

    Party (in turn order): Harsk (Deeper Dungeons), Lem (Thassilonian Dungeon), Seoni (Prison), Valeros (Giant Lair), Merisiel (Shrine of Lamashtu), Kyra (Thassilonian Library)

    Scenario: The Ancient Library; Normal Difficulty; Wild Card Power: None.


    Situation: Merisiel encounters a Hill Giant and suffers 2 Combat Damage. She has the Snakeskin Tunic, which should be able to be revealed to reduce combat damage by 1. Then, she should be allowed to discard one more card to fulfill the damage requirement. Instead, she was prohibited from revealing the Tunic – it wasn’t even an option – and had to discard two cards. This may have something to do with the At This Location text (When you encounter a blessing, you are dealt 2 mental damage that may not be reduced.) It could be thinking that I took two damage and it cannot be reduced. 


    The eagle with Lini is easily the best animial companion for her.

    I've seen this stated a couple times, and I don't understand it. Unless Lini is solo, the Eagle is better off in just about anyone else's hand than hers.


    There's no question the Eagle is a great ally. But not for Lini. Lini has two benefits with animal allies: a) she can reveal them for Animal Trick, and b) she can recharge them instead of discarding them. The Eagle's power neutralizes both of these: you place it on top of your deck to use. Most critically, this means unless you have a second animal in your hand, you're limited to using the Eagle's power at the end of your turn, right before you reset your hand, lest you find yourself needing to make a roll and are without an animal ally to help. Much better to give the Eagle to another character, and let Lini make use of the various discard abilities of a different animal as necessary.


    I think the o.p. meant Amiri, not Lini. 


    I also like the Merisiel / Ilsoari Gandethus combo. I have been using it since June or July 2016. I can't remember if I found it out in this game or the table top version, but I use it in both now.

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  4. Android 6.0; LG G3 Smartphone; PFID#-81EB4067C5390099

    Pass & Play: Not on; Story Mode: Playing same story mode since June or July of 2016

    Party (in turn order): Harsk, Lem, Seoni, Valeros, Merisiel, Kyra

    Scenario: All so far


    Situation: Lem shows an exclamation next to his character icon every time it is someone else’s check even if they are not at his location. I click on him and there is no card or power that he can play or use to aid in the check. 

  5. I experienced an interesting bug today.


    Android 6.0; LG G3 Smartphone; PFID#-81EB4067C5390099

    Pass & Play: Not on; Story Mode: Playing same story mode since June or July of 2016

    Party (in turn order): Harsk (Woods), Lem (Deeper Dungeons), Seoni (Thassilonian Dungeon), Valeros (Deeper Dungeons), Merisiel (Temple), Kyra (Moutain Peak)

    Scenario: Into the Mountains; Heroic Difficulty; Wild Card Power: If you acquire a blessing or ally, then bury a card.


    Situation: Valeros encounters Muck Graul on his first exploration of the game, but cannot defeat Muck Graul because I was unable to use fire. Lem then encounters Muck Graul because “another random character encounters Muck Graul.” The Muck Graul slides over to the left of the screen next to the location information and becomes smaller. Another Muck Graul card comes on the screen on the right side of the screen in the normal size and position when a character encounters a card. Then, Lem encounters Muck Graul and cannot defeat it because I still did not have any fire. According to the rules, of the card, Muck Graul should disappear to the bottom of the location deck. However, Lem enouncters Muck Graul a SECOND time. Muck Graul is undefeated AGAIN. Muck Graul stays on the screen, but the red arrow shows on the right side of the screen. I press it and it is Seoni’s turn again instead of going back to Valeros to let him end his turn and proceed to Merisiel’s. Then, the game gets into an endless loop. Seoni takes a turn. Valeros encounters Muck Graul again. Lem encounters Muck Graul twice. Red arrow. It is Seoni’s turn again. I just forfeited it and started the scenario again.

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