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  1. Was entering "Drowned Barrows - Crown" from the north-west stairs. A bit along the path to the east, there is a huge closed door of a room to the south-west. In front of it, I casted a spell to attack the Eoten Dwellers and other hostile troops waiting further to the east, while most of my party was in front of the closed door.


    Sometime in the middle of the battle, despite the door being closed, the game started a scripted conversation with a named NPC within the room, which made no sense - especially not since he suggested that I leave, and he even mention that guards would accompany me. At the end of the battle, the game continued as if nothing had happened.


    I guess you need to review your trigger areas in that dungeon as to avoid this.


  2. Just had that with v3.0 at Vilario's Rest. Party had left the cave and was on the way to the bridge at the eastern area exit to Port Maje. The graphics for all party members started to fade out the further I walked to the east and became more and more invisible until the entire party was completely hidden. No green circles anymore either. Nothing except for the lighting effect from Xoti's lantern. Could walk back, and they would fade in and appear again.


    Simply loading the last quicksave made a few seconds ago fixed it. Didn't know that an output.log file may have been of interest.

  3. Just this -> it's kinda short. Much shorter than The White March 1, and therefore it doesn't give much opportunity to integrate it into playthroughs in the same way one could do it with The White March - such as traveling back and forth freely. More likely, one will visit the expansion area with a party that's powerful enough and then complete the quest in one go.


    With regard to the added content, well, it's a nice setting with at least one surprise location/event.


    Vatnir, the new sidekick, should have been a full companion in my opinion. Depending on chosen difficulty mode, there is not much reason anymore to keep him in the party when leaving the Harbinger's Watch island. That's wasted potential.

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  4. About your comment on PoE 1, you need to know that it has gone through a rather long series of updates from version 1 to 2 to 3. And it is still not 100% bug-free - but not everyone is affected by every bug.


    About the Engwithan Digsite exit, perhaps show a screenshot? Also give some details about your computer, graphics resolution, graphics hardware and driver.

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  5. It's likely that this has been reported before, but finding an old topic isn't easy.


    Steps to reproduce:


    1) On the 'H' key press "Ship Management" screen in the item list "Ship Equipment and Cargo", select any item stack that is not in the top left slot. Double-click it for splitting. Choose any amount of items from the stack.

    2) Click "Accept".

    3) The game selects a different item stack to move, because it automatically sorts the list of items.

  6. But now if you pick up ship stuff that is maxed out, it lands in your character's inventory, and if you select it, you cannot put it back anymore - at least I did not find how -- and the only way out is to reload.


    Indeed, it is regression since v1.1.


    There's a container with 12x repair material at Fort Deadlight and another one with 14x repair material at the shipyard in Neketaka behind Zamar - if one uses shift-click to take them, the items are not put in the Stash but in the character's inventory. Worse, one cannot move them elsewhere. Then when I arrived at Neketaka, I sold them to "Hunter", but one cannot buy them back, which is another bug.

  7. In my second playthrough, since I already knew that Pallegina insists on attacking the godlikes as to help Giacolo, I've had her replaced with Fassina while being active on Dunnage.


    Upon entering the house in Lifter's Refuge, the absent Pallegina sends an angry missive that Giacolo has been killed and that she hopes she doesn't meet the Watcher again. So far, so good. Indeed, Giacolo got killed without prior conversation. After defeating the godlikes, the notification about the missive from Pallegina pops up again. And she sends the same missive each time one enters the now empty house again. The quest entry in the journal doesn't move forward. It is stuck at the entry "Pursue the godlike pirates to Dunnage".


  8. I don't think my resources are wasted. But what do I know...


    Generally, it is not nice to open duplicate topics in different forums at the same time and have multiple people spend time on doing troubleshooting without knowing the details/answers from the duplicate topic. Whether you care is up to you, of course. I've only pointed out the netiquette.


    If you don't care about netiquette, oh well.



    Your logic is completely laughable. You're saying that because there is no known issue and that "Steam is smart enough" this is a non-issue.


    However, I'm telling you, Belf, that is definitely a problem for me. And I'm simply looking for help where I can find it.


    The only resource here is time. And everyone on this board has plenty of it, I assure you (that's why we have time to play games like PoE).


    That's a fallacy. For the QA person in this tech support forum, time is limited. The more you follow the guides in the sticky topics, the more helpful that may be.


    I've only told you what is known about PoE and Steam achievements in general. They have unlocked fine since 2016 for many people at Steam. Nowhere do I rule out that there may be issues in corner-cases, and that's why at Steam some questions have been raised about your console usage, for example, and about using ancient savegames.


    You may need to be patient and provide some details, such as a savegame file uploaded to a public place, so if a developer with limited time gets to read this topic, some good input is there. Else the developer will need to spend extra time on querying you.


    Know that flaming me doesn't lead to anything.

  9. It may just be a bug - can't say if it's on steam or PoE - but I read about more than one case where achievements didn't trigger properly.


    OP has created a duplicate topic in Steam's PoE forum. This is a waste of community resources.


    The Steam app is smart enough to cache unlocked achievements even when playing offline, and it syncs them to the Steam account when getting online again.


    There have been a very few cases in 2015 and 2016 in Steam's forum where players had to verify the installation files to unlock at least one achievement. In at least one case they've simply restarted the Steam app. But generally, in Steam's forum I don't remember any common problems with unlocking achievements. Quite the contrary. There have been multiple players, who've unlocked all achievements since 2016.


    Edit: --> http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/2949168661149039691/

  10. What is there to understand? I've linked screenshots. You don't need to test anything yourself, but if you come up with a theory, it must match what can be demonstrated within the game and has been captured with screenshots.


    Here's a specific one:


    1) Fighter with Defender and Hold the Line talents. Four engagements slots.

    2) Fighter engages four enemies. Green lines.

    3) Three enemies engage the fighter. Red lines.


    The theory for that test: The minimum of 2 attackers would not suffice anymore to cause Flanked status. Either 4+1 attackers are needed to caused Flanked, since that would exceed the engagement limit. Or only 4 attackers are needed as that would reach the engagement limit.




    4) Two of the enemies are positioned directly opposite of eachother, although that is no strict requirement for Flanked status.

    5) If four enemies engage the fighter, they cause Flanked status.

    6) If only three enemies engage the fighter, they do not cause Flanked status anymore. The fighter knocked down one enemy to stop being engaged by that enemy.


    Conclusions? Indeed, Flanked status depends on number of engagement slots of the target. How exactly? Not known yet. It could be an off-by-one stacking bug somewhere or more complicated rules that would also explain the original post in this topic.


    Yes... like I said?


    We're talking past eachother. I refer to an arc of 180 degrees, you to an angle of 180 degrees. Not the same thing. The flanker may be positioned anywhere within the 180 degrees arc opposite of the companion.


    Do you agreed with that?



    One Stands Alone does not raise your engagement slots.


    It still links the Flanked status to number of engaged enemies and not only the position of two attackers. Also, Hold the Line is a class neutral talent, so the barb could learn that, and it would need to be tested whether it stacks and how it stacks with regard to Flanked status checks.


    I don't know how the game determines the numbers of enemies needed to flank you internally - but number of your own engagement slots (visible when looking at the green, curved arrows/lines in combat that will go from you to the enemies) doesn't determine 1:1 how many enemies are needed to flank you.


    Well, we know that with base traits there must be at least one engaged companion to reach the engagement limit of 1, and only then the flanker can cause Flanked affliction. WIth raised engagement slots, it is more companions that are needed to engage first. As shown above.


    I never checked/tested if Defender or Hold the Line or even a guarding weapon will also prevent you from getting flanked by

    2 (or three) people and increase the number of needed flankers. But it might very well be.





    See opening post in this topic. And see the screenshots in my previous reply. They are about a Defender with Hold the Line. Increasing the Fighters engagement slots increases the number of attackers that are needed to cause Flanked status. Although, similar to the opening post, something about the stacking seems to be wrong.

  12. If you attack an enemy and attack with another character from the opposite side (doesn't have to be 180°) you'll apply flanking.

    Within 180 degrees. The flanker doesn't need to exactly on the opposite side. Here's an example showing how you can flank from the side:




    I never experienced that enemies with more than 1 engagement slot don't get flanked. But there aren't that many, so it may be that they need an additional enemy. But usually this "flanking" where you attack with two characters from opposite sides (not from behind) works every time.


    If it were not linked to the engagement limit, the barbarian's One Stands Alone talent would not make sense. Whereas Phantom Foes explicitly reduces the number of attackers to cause Flanked status, the barbarian's talent explicitly increases the number of engagement slots.


    Here are screenshots showing it for a Fighter with Defender and Hold the Line talents. Engagement limit is 1+2+1=4, but three attackers don't cause Flanked status despite two of them being even directly opposite of eachother:



    What remains to be examined: Defender and Hold the Line probably don't stack with regard to the Flanked status, although they stack with regard to the engagement limit.

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