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  1. I'm pretty terrified.

  2. Actually, I'm saying you make me poop.

  3. You are liquorice. The confectionery, not the plant.

  4. Your fingers? Gross, I don't know where those things have been. I'd much rather be your liver.

  5. When you are lying in bed, about to drift off to sleep, think of me teabagging you.

    Sweet dreams, pixies!

  6. That's very useful information, framing you for my crimes has just become much easier.

  7. I'll throw YOU off!

    Hmmm, did that seem aggressive or erotic to you?

  8. But it's only 5:42 PM. What do you think I am, an old lady?

  9. In the scene where we had thrice the blue wang, my heart was with you, pixies.

  10. I'm going to see Watchmen today. You know you've ruined it for me, right?

  11. I'm of the opinion that girls are, in fact, awesome. More awesome than boys, I cannot say, because I am not a scientist. Though I guess it depends on which ones you are referring to. And I'm trying to repress those memories thank you very much.

  12. That's right, four out of four. Oh yeah baby, you know it.

  13. I just noticed I am 10 whole years older than pixies. Now I feel old, but mentally I am a child so I guess it all evens out.

  14. As a fan of the comic, I mean graphic novel, it pretty much caused a geekgasm, but I can't imagine it would be anything but odd to someone not familiar with the source material. You should get yourself a copy. It's fab.

  15. *bursts into tears*

  16. Get well soon, pixies!

  17. I got a monthly trial with GTA, so yes.

  18. Yes, it's true, we are stupid.

  19. Repent, the end is nigh.

  20. I love that avatar, it's so damn cute.

  21. Hi, Send me money plz. :)

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