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  1. DXHR was a more polished game and it had a better combination of features that interlinked together. AP was more schizophrenic, more up and down, and sometimes downright odd. That said, I had a lot more fun with AP, the nonlinearity it provided was really unique these days and the combat also had its fun moments, especially with explosives and the like. I also found the DXHR story/dialogue pretty dull, it flirted with transhumanism stuff but never really got interesting stuff out of it. AP's story wasn't anything special either but it had interesting delivery.


    Both good games, maybe one thing AP could have learnt from DXHR is the larger and impressive level design, DXHR from AP the nonlinearity.


    I think this is a pretty good comparison, especially regarding the story. While I liked AP (and plan on replaying it after my current DXHR playthough) I personally enjoyed DX:HR more. AP had a lot of what I'd always wanted to see in a DX style game, with the exception of the linear levels.


    Oh, and I can totally bench press [insert impressive number here].

  2. Pirates are not competition. It's simply a question of not offering for sale a product that is worse than a pirate copy/ punishing legitimate customers relative to pirates. If you want to take a TWitcher2 approach and offer a bunch of extra stuff that's even better, but not really necessary.


    More extended: they have to live in the world that exists, not the one they'd like to- fortunate really, as I'm sure most publishers would love to have persistent monitoring systems coupled to automatic monthly/ instant debits and 'Trusted Computing' style big brotherism; and for just about everything. What determines whether you are a profitable company is how many copies you sell, not how many copies are pirated, so if you take measures that cut into the number of people willing to buy you are hurting yourself. If pirates offer a free, less restricted and more convenient/stable experience you should at least try to tackle the two elements you can control rather than waving your arms and wishing real hard for a world in which piracy does not exist while coming up with ever more elaborate Rube-Goldstein schemes which just further worsen the other two factors.




    I've gotta say, reading posts by people like Gorth and Volourn in this thread makes me want to go back to pirating. Thankfully, not everyone in game development and publishing has such childish and poorly developed opinions on this issue.


    Considering piracy because you don't like the comments some people make is incredibly childish. Stones and glass houses.

  3. Luckily for them the game was good enough for me to buy the second game - but the second game wasn't good enough for me to buy the next 2.. so they effectively lost a customer because of their strategy.

    I'm confused here, you didn't buy AC:B and AC:R because you didn't think AC2 was good enough, but what does this have to do with DRM? You're the only person I've ever seen claim the original was better that the sequel which is generally considered by fans and critics alike to be a huge improvement on the original.


    Honestly, this is just a mark against the whole "you need to figure out how to get people to buy the product rather than prevent pirates" thing. It is a fools errand due to the subjective nature of how "good" a product is. For the pathetic losers with entitlement issues nothing will ever be good enough, they will always find a way to justify their piracy.


    See, if you make customers annoyed your games have to be that much better for them to stay around and as soon as the quality drops, your customers go away too - while if you add value to your game, by supporting modders or making it nice and easy to update etc etc then people feel respected and stay around after a bad game.

    People often say this but I'm not sure how true it really is. Gamers have been putting up with buggy releases for a long time after all. The difference there is that while piracy gives people a way to avoid DRM systems (not to mention spending any money), there is no way to avoid bugs as the pirated copies will be just as buggy as the legit versions. People will put up with annoying **** if they don't have any other option.

  4. you need to figure out how to get people to buy the product rather than prevent pirates

    No, because the pathetic losers with entitlement issues as Gorth calls them will exist as long as there is a free version of the game available. The only way to stop them is to remove the free (pirate) version from the equation. People still pirate games offered by GoG and STEAM afterall.


    You need to find a form of security that works, not give up on it altogether.


    You are not gonna combat piracy by alienating yourself from the people providing your income.

    Using DRM doesn't equal alienating your customers. Go back a few posts and you'll folks in this thread saying good things about Steam.

  5. To those who see the pirates as competitors rather than thieves, if I create a product and offer copies for $50 dollars and a pirate gives away that same product for nothing (not a similar rival product, but a stolen copy of my work), how do I compete with that? How do I compete with free? What the hell is wrong with people that they think I should have to?


    If Ubisoft offered all of their PC games without DRM, piracy would still be an issue, it's just people would instead use the usual excuses like they weren't going to buy it anyway or after testing it for 20 hours they decided it sucked.

  6. I haven't reached any invisible borders yet.


    There are no invisible walls but if you go past the boundaries a message pops up telling you so and you'll respawn elsewhere.


    Probably a little smaller than F03/NW, but more compact as it's one big resort Island.


    That's just the first map.

  7. I just find it funny that you'd complain about twisting points when you basically tried to point out that consistently supporting a game post-release is evil. :lol:


    Eh, I thought the point was more that when Dev A releases a patch it's proof of how terrible they are for releasing a buggy game, but when Dev B does it it's proof of how awesome they are for supporting a game.


    It's like when devs release DLC so tiny it's just an unlock code for content that's already on the disk, which of course means players are entitled to it. Keep that content off the disc and instead make users download it, costing them bandwidth, and it's all good. Why? Because gamers are idiots.

  8. If artificiality makes for an arcade game, then all games are arcade games. If I get shot in the head, I touch this pack with the red cross on it and I'll be fine? When I switch weapons, where does the other one go? Where the hell do I keep all this ammo? Games are full of systems that if you put any real though into them you'll realise they are pretty ridiculous.


    Boss fights need not occur at the end of a level, and not all arcade games feature boss fights. Comparing DX:HR to Double Dragon makes about as much sense as comparing Vampire: Bloodlines to Doom. Hell, the latter two games probably have more in common than the former two.


    The "could be used in games like RPGs" part of your comment is even worse, considering boss fights of one sort or another are incredibly common in RPGs.

  9. Would you mind developing your point?


    Yes I would mind, because that's the part I'm terrible at.


    A doctor telling you to stop smoking because it has a negative effect on your health is not the same as a priest telling you to stop being gay because the bible says it's wrong. Being fine with one is not at odds with having a problem with the other.

  10. We all do this so don't be offended, but has it occurred to you that your liberatarian stance on religions poking their nose into other people's affairs is directly at odds with your stance on doctors poking their nose in.


    No it isn't. This is like when people ask why one can be against the death penalty but for a woman's right to choose to have an abortion. These things you say are the same, are not the same.


    Yet physical health is just for life, while spiritual health (even without an afterlife) is for eternity?


    The problem with Christians harassing people for not adhering to the rules of a religion those people may not even believe in, is that by being judgmental they are being spiritually unhealthy. I might still be a Christian if more Christians actually followed the teachings of the man their religion is named after.

  11. What did they do to the aliens...errr...elves? She actually looks like an Elf!? Did they just figure out people thought the new looks for elves made people think they were aliens from some sci-fi movie, or is this elf chick (assassin?) something different?


    She looks like Felicia Day.

  12. It's just people reading to much into one throwaway line from Reed. She's just expecting him when you arrive. He was hanging out in the room just before hers, that's where the boss fight is. It doesn't mean they're sleeping together. If a guy is outside your room, then you expect someone entering your room to be that guy, does that mean you're intimate or that you have object permanence?



    "Deeper relationship" doesn't have to mean they were sleeping together. She was on a first name basis with the man that as far as she knew murdered her former lover.


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