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  1. Mousefrog is my lord and master.

  2. It's too late, I sold him on ebay, and have already used the money MENDING MY BROKEN HEART.

  3. You'll finally become a real grown-up boy and I'll be put out to pasture.

  4. Inappropriate touching is the most appropriate kind of touching.

  5. You said you wouldn't tell anybody! My reputation will be ruined...

  6. There's just not enough of me to go around.

  7. No, you're in the dog house, buddy.

  8. That Llyranor punk is disrespectin' you pixies, you gonna take it?

  9. I'll do what I want, when I want, to whomever I want.

    Now smile and think of Christmas.

  10. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. Did you ever get your 360 fixed?

  11. You're the second person today to tell me that.

  12. I really should stop that, one of these days it'll fall off.

  13. Something terribly profound, that's what.

  14. Don't write cheques your ass can't cash.

  15. Everything about me is fake. My very existence is a lie.

  16. That goes without saying.

  17. I can't keep up with you kids today. Are you asking me to physically assault you, because if you are I'm cool with that.

  18. When going to castings, the directors that want SEXUAL INTERCOURSE are the ones who will help you to... wait, I just realised I've been doing this wrong. Damn.

  19. I have no secrets, I am an open magazine.

  20. You get that from your mom.

  21. Grease yourself up and then call me in the morning.

  22. Yes, that was my reaction too.

  23. Then you're going to love it when I flick your eyeballs.

  24. I'm sure you'll look very pretty in it. And it's liquorice, filthy American.

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