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  1. so far I have only reproduced this on linux and only with the ravine quest (so only the lizard enemies).  But every time I reload from a save the enemies will reappear even if I already killed them, and drop duplicates of their loot.  The random encounter between starting village and the ravine also always reappears, even without reloading.

  2. I have only tried this on linux.  After I receive the quest from the broodmother to rescue the hatchlings, I can't get back to the starting village because the random encounter in the mountains reappears and is untargetable by mouse cursor.

    Right here is where I am stuck:



    If i click where the mouse cursor is then the party might move a few pixels over but in general nothing happens.

    EDIT: as a workaround, I am doing the following to get back to town:

    open console via ~
    type "iroll20s" and hit enter
    type "AreaTransition AR_(hit tab until it gives you the name of the area you want to go to) 1 1"
    hit enter

    If you go back to town it will force you to respec your character but then you can continue campaign while you wait for the bugfix. 

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