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  1. Hahaha, The Hobbit. I do recognize Omeli from reading the book, tho. Isnt that the dwarf who tries to defeat Smaug by blowing his tuba? :shifty:

  2. Atleast you've had the decency to get yourself a nice avatar, haussie. :shifty: Let It Be = awesome.

  3. And pardon Architects immature behaviour on your most exquisite profile page, my dear lady. It's very nice to hear from you again babydol!

  4. These boards were fine until Australia were introduced to internet and you registered. :shifty:

  5. Dumpster? would that be your **** dumpster of a mother? :shifty:

  6. Oh, nevermind that, I looked at her LJ and it said "Current location: on my bed. waiting for swedish viking"

  7. Where is Liz, and how do you make contact with her? Is she still trapped in that ferris wheel in disneyworld? And does she still communicate by throwing down text written with bird feces on torned bits from her wet t-shirt? :shifty:

  8. Oh Liz Liz Liz I want to give you a kiss kiss kiss

    Oh Archie Archie Archie I want to give you a roundhousegroinkick kick kick

  9. Your "didgeridoo"? Sounds like some Aboriginal witchcraft, or is that what you cry out when a dingo fetches your baby? :shifty:

  10. Hello, babydol. How are you? My condolences to you for remembering The Architect... :(

  11. Actually people in Sweden are quite opeminded regarding egg-to-egg relationships.

  12. I'm gay to be queer! Not really, but still...

    Alabama 3, I see. Me myself is really into John Lennon atm. Boy is there more to him than just "Imagine". Nobody Loves You (When You're Downd And Out), Oh My Love, What You Got, I Know (I Know) and Out The Blue is just some of the songs I've found to be awesome.

  13. When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we see... Won't you stand, stand by me? <3

  14. Oh come on, like you haven't fantasized about some good, old fashion lesbian Omelette on Omelette? :shifty:

  15. Yeah, it was, for like five minutes. Then you came online. :shifty:

  16. Sorry there, Archie. Of course I meant girlfriend.


  18. Well, what is there to say. It's easier to get a serious conversation going with an aborigine than with you. :shifty: :sad:

  19. I haven't seen it, but you shouldn't get your hopes up high since Shyamalan seems to have embarked on a weird mission to make every new movie worse than his last one. Don't get me wrong, I loved Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and even Signs - but after Signs he has taken a strange - and negative - turn in his filmmaking.
  20. Accept

    It's hot

    + 28 C in the shadows a couple of days ago. Now it's starting to cool off (yeah right) with a temperature drop of ~ 3 degrees... When it's a clear day you'll have to live beside some form of water or heat stroke is a fact.
  21. Sadly, I don't read The Rolling Stone Magazine. All that I know is that if I had a stone I'd roll it over Western Australia. :shifty: The festival was still kickass, I must say. Julian Casablancas (frigging legend) and The Kooks ruled.

  22. And hey, send your fellow countrymen in Wolfmother (they are awesome btw) a crotch-punch from me. Was really looking forward seeing them this week at the Peace & Love-festival, but they cancelled their show.

  23. I can't really make any sense of your last couple of comments because all I can read is "Eliminated. Eliminated. Eliminated." and so on. :shifty:

  24. So I heard you play GTA IV; (lame game tbh) have you tried out The Ballad Of Gay Chris? Heard it's a lame gayme. :shifty:

  25. Well, I look at it this way - why waste the Football Association's money with a trip to South Africa when you can't even keep your whole squad on the pitch and put up a decent fight. :shifty: But on the other hand I do feel with you Aussies, with one men penalized you atleast have something to blame your inferior results on. :shifty:

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