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  1. I think it is an atempt to depress others to say something like "why try?" :huh:


    There was also a mention that Obsidian (or who ever makes KotOR 3) would not look at what fans have to say. <_<


    Well, to this I say... :p


    If a developer never looks at what his fans have to say you get crazy things like bad storys, bad game play, etc,. The reason is quite simple, it is ment for someone, it is expected to be handed over as a done product that is of value. If you never look to see if it is valuble to the end user, you NEVER know if it is what people want. This is why many marketing guys in the world deserve to be fired. He sits in an office and tries to "dream up" what is going to get peoples attention. You NEVER DO THAT!!!!! You find out what people want, then what you can make. Then you don't have to dream up much of anything, because you now KNOW!


    And if they pay us no attention they get this :) as well as statements like "God that @#$%@ they completly #$&@up the... they should be shot!" Not to mention getting fired.


    But anyway, do also keep in mind that KotOR is a popular subject and people may just want to "get it out".

  2. To: MasterJediConsler (your artical is little too big to quite)


    Nice man! I like your ideas. :cool:


    I realy liked your comment on "mess with their heads" and would love to see Atton's new walk! o:)


    Your right about the force powers "only going so far" but do not forget that we are seeing only a small fraction of these powers put to the limited uses you see in the game.

    There are plenty of ways they can be put to use that we would all love to see. :geek: Ways that would put you even more into the drivers seat of the force. :wub:


    And a big yes to more worlds!!


    You said alot more that I also liked but I will not comment on as you had alot, just know you had alot of good stuff in there.


    Thanks you for your ideas. I would like to see a game with them implemented. :)


    ---Added Later----


    I had an idea. They could start you out on Coruscant in an academy- to learn how to play.


    Then have you save the Republic by visiting the planets you mentioned you wanted to see (we all do) and stablizing the Republics hold -Sign a treaty with the Republic, light side or kill for the leaders so they will not oppose the Republic, dark side. this will save the Republic ether way. And they can do this as apart of the starter levels -like Taris or Perogus.


    And for the main parts of the game you can go past the outer rim and join Revan and the Exite and face the "big threat".

  3. The video I mentioned (star wars 2007) was not "fan made" - I saw that you meant the KotOR 3 video so you are forgiven. <_<


    It was made over a year ago as a demo reel to build exitment in Lucas Arts and ILM, and the sample was so good that it was later given the okay to be publicy made avalible. At the time it was made it was just about all manufacterd. :( (There was no game, it was made as a demonstration of what could be done for a future game) But it hit the spot. And like the artist with a dream he got others to see the light. o:)


    Now It has been truned over to the geeks to make it happen. :geek::wub: At E3 2006 a small demo game was made that gave people the ability to play a game that does most of what you see in the video - glass shatter, storm troopers grasping for their lives, walls bending from the impacts, etc. :)


    What game they make it into is anyones guess. o:)

  4. Have all you guys checked out the Star Wars 2007 video? (If not you can check it out at Youtube.com, just serch for "star wars 2007"


    It rocks!! (w00t) If you have not, you need to!


    Those powers are what I am talking about. While there is no news that I know of that the game in the vid will be the next KotOR. It will bring us closer to the force. It will be welcome. :D

  5. Okay, okay fine. You win.


    I just love the idea of a 3rd installment. I made up some opening credits just for fun:


    Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away...



    KOTOR 3


    Due to a series of wars the once great Religion of the Jedi has come to an end.


    The Republic is collapsing at a rapid rate as system after system leaves in hope of minimizing the damage of a dieing government that is expected to renounce its governmental status. The galaxy is in chaos as new governments fight for control in an anarchy.


    And what

  6. 8. Please take note - swords can't stand up to lightsabers

    This is what happens when people don't listen to Trask Ulgo. Vibroblades are designed with a cortosis weave. Cortosis is a rare mineral which resists lightsabers. A little Jedi Outcast reference. :ermm:



    I know what you mean, its just that you said "Cortsis is a rare mineral" so why do you see them all over the place?


    I well remember what the expenation was. I just think it was done to solve a problem and went a little too far.


    Besides, it just looks cheesy. :p There is nothing stopping them at this point in the story from giving a thug a lightsaber that says "I am a jedi, now give me all your money...". And just to push the point home they can remove a hand. :(


    Remember, more lightsabers = more :cool:

  7. I just want to say that KotOR and KotOR II are great games.


    I still play them and will continue to do so. :wub:


    KotOR has a great stroy. It makes it hard on KotOR II but BIOWARE did a good job. :cool:


    KotOR II was just what I wanted - more powers - more leveling - more options. :devil:


    For anything that was a failing in these games they are still some of the best around and keep me coming back. :thumbsup:


    I myself could not handle a true lightsaber battle like a jedi, but these games set me up to have the feeling of being a jedi and being able to. (w00t)


    In KotOR 3 (if it ever happends :luck: ) I have a wish list:


    1. More powers - and stronger ones


    2. More light saber hilts and custumizations


    3. More realistic combat


    4. The speical powers - Force Sight, Breath Control, etc. - rock, more please :D


    5. The ability to slow time :blink:


    6. More planets - less of what has aready been used :(


    7. I want to be able to fight more guys with lightsabers :ph34r:


    8. Please take note - swords can't stand up to lightsabers :huh:


    9. More realistic enviorntents


    10. More bad guys at one time :devil:


    11. An ending that is more like the KotOR Star Forge areas, with badies that came at you enmass, ready or not.


    12. More custumization of the PC - you.


    13. An awarness added in game and in conversations that tells you things that would otherwise be mist. Hint: Use the force :)


    14. Feel free to use new characters


    15. More of HK-47 :lol:


    16. Please do not create a non-jedi -nothing special- guy that takes many hits with a lightsaber to take down - it makes the lightsaber look bad :">


    17. Minigames are fun and add spice to game play - keep them coming :)


    18. Think big - we are changing the course of a trillions of lives here - so do what you can to show that o:)


    Thanks to the people that brought us KotOR 1 & 2 :thumbsup:

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