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  1. I had some trouble with is too when I first started using them.


    Each is different and you should always check out the Readme.txt that comes with the file.


    There are some common things that can be understood. Frist, most mods will us the Override filder located in the game folder - KotOR , for the first game and KotOR2 for The Sith Lords. By defualt the these folders get placed in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\...


    The Override folder can be created if you don't have one and is a place that the game uses to "override" its other files, thus changing the game in some way. Most often you simply need only copy the mod files into this drectory.


    There are also some pre-made self-install packages that will ask for the KotOR or KotOR2 directories and will do/copy the rest from there. These can be quite cool as they can come with a trick that adds the mod without conflicting with other mods already present.


    You should also note that these files are done by ppl that are operating solo and that can often bring about problems, like the us of the same files for different effects, both with their own "modifications". You can learn how these files work and combine their modifided attributes, but it takes some study - or someone elss you can ask to do it.


    This is just a 101 to get you started. You will be limited until the day you can reproduce the game all by yourself - joke.


    You should study up so that each problem you come to in making the game just the way you like it, is no problem at all.


    The last bit of advice for you is "backups". I said it before I will say it again - The people that make these are offen limited by what they know and what they have to work with (not to mention outright mistakes) and all too offen these collide with the game's inrworkings and BOOM the game has irepairable damage that may need reinstalling to fix. The solution? backup your Override folder when you get it the way you want it and it can't hurt to save a copy of any other folder that gets modified.

  2. It makes sence. Dark Jedi could always have decided to pick up such a name from someone they where in contact with.


    It also stands to reason that if a galaxy wide Republic could have risen under the Jedi (with the Jedi as gardians), then another galaxy ruled by Sith (as they would have it no other way) could exsist.


    It just needs some one that is not a complete @#$% running the show, like Revan was.

  3. I think there was something missing from the story. But what ever it is, I don't want to shoot down Obsidian for it. Unthoughtout or otherwise it is (in my opinion) the best mini game of the whole game. I am willing to give them plenty of leeway if in fact it was just a mistake.


    I started this thred not to start a grudge match. I just woundered if I mist something or if anyone elss knew more about it.

  4. When I was playing the game and first got onto the Ebon Hawk aready to wrap-up the Perogus stage, all seamed quite, I had just "shut down" some missbehaving droids steped aboard the Ebon when Atton mentions how we are running for our lives! :(


    I then get put into the coolest (at least it is to me) mini game in KotOR 2, and find myself shooting Sith Troopers that I have never seen before, don't know where they came from and have to fight for my life. (which okay with me, its just not explained)


    Did I miss something? Was something cut out that would explain it?

  5. Found another one:




    "Mockery: (Imitates Bastila's voice) Oh master, I love you but I hate all you stand for! But I think we should go press our slimy mucus covered lips together in the corgo hold!


    Conclusion: Such pharamon driven humin reponses never seems to decrease the charge in my copasitors, and make me wish I could press a blaster pistal to my behavior core and pull the trigger." :(

  6. This is a cool subject.


    The basics if matter and energy:


    All matter and energy in this universe is made up of the same thing. The difference between a rock and sun light is the amount of space between the particals that make it up.


    There are also only three states that enermy or matter can be in: Flows, Despersals and Ridges.


    A Flow is an orderly movement of energy no-matter the density. Like water moving thru a hose or light from the sun as it moves.


    A Despersal is a disaorderly movement, often in all directions. An example is an explosion.


    A Ridge is enegy that is "fixed" or stagnent. A rock is a rigde. Water is a ridge of lesser density. Even air is. A Ridge is formed when flows collide. Like two water hoses spraying into each other, the splater of water in the middle is a temporary ridge.


    Matter is fedined as anything you can feel with your hand. Energy is everything elss.


    A close examination of energy or matter will show that it is made up of particles that are moving like crazy. A pertical of water movies fast enouph to go around the planet -if forced into a strait line- in about 2 or 3 hours.


    The amount of energy that is being cofined in four cubic feet of copper, if fully "despersed" could destroy this galaxy.


    Despite this the distance between the particals of energy in a block of metal is so great that it would seem mathmaticly impossible for two blocks of metal to be able to collide - they should pass right thru each other. (It looks alot like the distance between the stars in the sky - there is alot of space).


    Energy rays and Forcefields:


    It is now well established that matter can be converted to energy -an example is an atomic bomb- and vise versa.


    The head lights of a car need only have a small change made to the light to be able to produce enough force to be able to push a person off his feet. This is called a Presser Beam. If reversed by changing the side of the rays being removed it becomes a Tractor Beam right out of a Sci-fi movie!


    Even the first comercal "ray gun" uses two plasma beams fired one next to the other forming a visable beam of light just like a movie ray gun! This gun was offered to police no long ago and worked by projecting a negative and positive beam next to each other that, when they ran into an object would desperse and collide into each other. One beam being negative and one being positive would produce an electrical flow in the middle. This gun has a range of 2 miles.


    Even antigravity devices work on this basis. The worlds first antigravity machine was on display about 2 years ago at a NASA convention. It was able to remove 5% of the 75 bounds placed onto it. (It is a small, but hay, it is a big leap compared to nothing at all).


    There are differen't types of forcefields. One type uses a stronge magnet. This same type has another version that compacts the magnetic waves into a flat "shield" that can have a definite phisical reation on almost any object that attempts to pass thru it. This type of shield has a "refesh rate" in ether millisecond or nanosecound range.


    Another uses ultraviolate light "flatend" into a sheet, that produces an effect much like the the forcefields you see in Star Trek in side the ship! Even the "flash" effect when you touch it! Last I knew this type of shield was still unable to stop a person as the field was not stronge enough on the prototype but had proven that this technology was capable of it.


    These types of Rays and Forcefields have the flow of energy and a ridge is formed when matter or energy attempts to move thru it or against it, causing a phisical wall "matter" to form due to the energy invalved "condensing" from "nothing" or a spray of light.



    So what is possible is not limited to what you see, in use around you right this moment. New stuff is on the horizon. In the middle ages, the average person would not have believed that the technology of today was possible. But we would not be here today, as we are, if even a few of them didn't use there imagination.


    The lightsaber is more than possible. And if you keep that in mind I expect to see you weilding one some day.


    Thank you, JD

  7. G0-T0: Ah, HK-47. I did not realize that you still existed... especially now that the new modles have been activated.


    HK-47: Query: What is it you wish, fat one?


    G0-To: I see that your recent re-assembly has not affeted your behaviore core - nor your attitude.


    HK-47: Statement: If I should require an similar evaluation in the future I shall seek out the Iredonian.




    Female Exile: Do you understand men?


    Mira: Sure I do. That's why I dress like this. When they are looking down to check you out you can usualy smash them on the base of the skull or deliver an upper cut that knock them flat.


    Female Exile: You make it sound... easy.


    Mira: Its simple - when you want a man you stab him with a Botham stunner, then while he is screaming in pain, you slap some cuffs on him.


    Then you starve him for a two or three days until he becomes open to suggestion. Then double-check his bounty and see if he is worth anything.


    Female Exile: That sounds more like hounting.


    Mira: Call it what you want. I love my targets.




    PS. I love that one where the 2 tugs tell you to pay them now. Then you use Domiate Mind and tell then to give you all of their money and go jump over the railling. Then one says "Yes, that is a fast way to get to the bottom". :p"

  8. To the last post by Markaela,


    Now those are some good ideas. I would like to be able to explore areas that maybe have nothing to do with the story but maybe a side quest. Some of this I think is a matter of imagining a real city or world, would they have a space port with only 1 place for ships to land? In both K1 and K2 they had these people come up and say "You can't land here" but I couldn't move it eather.


    And yes to ejecting party members you don't want!


    I would say more about the Ebon Hawk but I thought it was cool and didn't care that they reused it. But if they did that again...


    I want to be able to be a Jedi from the start of the game. And have a lightsaber. It doesn't seem right to have a Jedi wothout a light saber or a Jedi that "can't build one". I understand that they didn't want you to get your hands on something too powerful too early but a Jedi running around with a sword and force powers!?!?


    Also the PS3 should be out in another 2-3 months (unless there is another delay :( )


    I didn't like action RPGs as much. I seem to view it as a matter that I an not a Jedi, but I expect my char to be (thats is why I think it is so cool). Setting it up so that when I click the left mouse button my char swings his light laber looks cheesy and brings what we expect in a Jedi down what we can control in real time. But we know that a Jedi is more than your average guy and expect more. Not to mention that if you feel a little slow today...


    But also understand that I toot no horns for turn based systems as it can look a little fake too. I do think it is workable as you still get to see the cool Jedi that uses the force powers with the finess of the Jedi, and who can stay in control of situations that would other wise seem impossible.

  9. While game does have much flexibility with dialogue choices for character, one cannot help but find it hard to consider how killing can be justified for LS. Don't know, though. Unless finality can be refuted as a consequence of such acts with an alternative eventuation of something else assuming action of a similar magnitude is committed.


    "Unless finality can be refuted as a consequence of such acts with an alternative eventuation of something else assuming action of a similar magnitude is committed."

    :( I had to type that out so I could understand it. Finality meaning end result. Refuted means discredited. :very confused:

    I understand "alternative eventuation" to mean different result.....

    Do you mean.

    Unless final outcome cannot be refuted as a consequence of such acts ,with an alternative eventuality. Assuming an action of a similar magnitude is committed.


    I think what you mean to say is: You get what you create. If you create a world of insanity and evil, be prepared to have to live in it.

  10. Ya, when I got to Onderon the first time I was cluless about what side to be on until I talked to the Twelink and the Devorain. I know that it was a matter of protecting the Republic but there was a demonstation about how bad the Republic was.


    But the conversation with the Tewlink and the Devorain was full of "I know General Vaclu lies and does things that seem crazy and to our demise but he is the "Great" Vaklu and who are we to question him". That was not an exacte paraphase but it is close enough. Needless to say I thought his argument was a little weak and handled my confusion.





    This part contains a spoiler!!!!


    When I got to Dantooine the first time as light side and the Masters did the "We can't alow you to leave with your connection to the force". I was so @$&$# I wanted to @*@ them up. I played the next game as dark side and and made there ends as painfull as possible. Those comments about them being responsible for what their studnts did became so clear to me.

  11. If this comic gets into showing the Malilcor (however you spell it) demise and Revan doing the fight to the death with Mandelor it could have some potentional. When I read the history of what happened to end the Mandelorian Wars I was pumped! :o


    That kind of Jedi action would totaly rock! :(


    And as for the helmet thing... I tend to think the the reason for the differant designs was a matter of the guys at Dark Horse and the guys at Obsidian being in two differnt buildings, in two differnt cities and never using the phone. :blink:

  12. I dicided to comment on this.


    I realy have no opinion on whether Exile "should" be male or female.


    In playing the game (I have played both) I got to say that Handmaiden vs Decipile is one sided to me. I would be more then happy to be able to kill Diciple so that I don't have to put up with him in the game, but I always thought it was because I was a strait guy. Not mention the skill you get from Handmaiden (Battle Precogition) is way better to me. I think that Artis is cool and was very disapointed that I could not save her. ( I don't see why you can't bring her with you.)


    There is no real Guy vs Girl limites, both genders have had there hay days. Even as early as the Greese era we find that the word lebian comes from Lesbia, an island of (fill in the blank) and before that hole emipiers run only by females (guess what the men where doing).


    It has been only in the last few thousand years that men have become the war like figues that run the show we know today. This is in no small part to Christanity and that little line at the start of the bibble that places importance on men. (I am not attacking anyone or anything. It is a recoded fact, wether it was the intention for this or not is something I will stay well away from.)


    Men have always been stronger. In Greese, it was a qualifcation for the army to be able to jump your own hight. But this does not stop two girls from taring each other apart in ways unbecoming of a the female half.


    And as for smarts... well I have been out smarted by enough women to be willing to admit that women can be just as perseptive as any man. As a general or other wise.

  13. Hay, guys,


    I saw this on LucasArts web site:


    KOTOR Goes Platinum!

    LucasArts is pleased to announce Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been inducted into the Microsoft Platinum Hits Series and is available now! KOTOR was the winner of over 40 'Game of the Year' awards in 2003 and offers hours of immersive, action-packed Star Wars role-playing entertainment, now for under $20!


    Please notice the part about "KOTOR was the winner of over 40 'Game of the Year' awards in 2003"

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