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  1. Would anyone be interested in an CRPG set during the Ottoman Empire? With companions from Northern Africa, Italy, and Arabia? Man that would be so cool! The Ottoman's Empire aesthetic is so beautiful and there's awesome mythology from there too! Maybe the time period could be during it's height around the 1500-1600? Or entering the Age of Steam and Machine with Europe during the 1800s? Ooooo a steampunk Middle East!! Feel free to add!

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    African tribes era or Aztec empire based fantasy would be something fresh.


    Man, that would be so cool. If one went down an Aztec mythology inspired route there is just so much potential for a Lovecraftian horror story to go on. Seriously, Aztec folklore is effed. 



    Oh man these games would be stellar!! I'd love to have an RPG during the war between Ethiopia and Egypt during 1069-653 BC!

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  3. Okay I'm doing this!


                                                                                                                   Atka a.k.a. "The Exile"

                                                                         Personal Quote: "I seem to be doing a terrible job at leaving the world exactly the way I found it."


    Appearance*: 2bf11dbe2b1927dba160e28112cda787--albino

    *I use the hooded Pale Elf portrait in-game


    Name: Atka Narichitico 

    Race: Pale Elf

    Age: 70 years old (27 in human years)

    Gender: Female

    Class: Druid (Wolf form)

    Prominent Traits: Stoic, Rational, Honest, Clever, Aggressive


    Background: Scorned by her tribe, Atka was exiled from The White that Wends and will be shot on sight if she passes The Glass Veil into Pale Elf territory. All of her companions have speculated on what could have happened, but Atka will always clamp up if asked directly. Only Aloth was able to pry a kernel of information from her about her banishment, it apparently involved a high ranking mystic and bone flute. As a Druid and a child of The White that Wends, Atka very much includes the natural order in her philosophy: the weak die and the strong survive. Which often makes her come off as well...cold (pun intended). Atka's goal is to survive to the next day, just to spite the ones that exiled her which makes her very "matter-a-fact" or rational. Being a wolf druid means wolf traits are very much implemented in her personality: highly suspicious of strangers, loyal, instinctual, paranoid, and protective. Honesty is a virtue she values most, Atka will always tell a person the truth even if it's kinder to lie.  However, she isn't without compassion or a sense of humor which often comes in the form of monotone and dry wit. Her biting (puns!) remarks are often a sign of her being comfortable around you or seeing you as an imbecile, the two often intertwine. Being a Watcher intrigues Atka but also oppresses her. She's aware of the consequences insanity imposes on Druids such as becoming feral, cannibalism, permanent animal form, or self-mutilation.    


    Important Relationship/Companions:


    -Aloth: Atka did not like Aloth when they first met. Pale Elves are heavily bigoted and prejudiced against Wood Elves, often calling them "flower pickers," "Magpies" or "the weaker twin." Not only that, but it seemed like he was hiding something. However over time by being loyal and revealing Iyselmer, Aloth became a close confidant and friend. She also understood what it was like to have a mother that wasn't willing to protect you, whether it was from the harsh elements or an abusive father. Also being able to easily startle Aloth in her wolf form amuses her. However, Aloth almost lost all of that trust when he revealed his connections to the Leaden Key while leaving a burning Defiance Bay. As if they relationship had been set back to 0, Atka went back to being cold. But she still wonders why she keeps him around.


    -Sagani: Sagani is Atka's best friend and the only companion to remind her of home. The two of them are able to talk about White that Wends subjects that no one else in the party could understand. Sagani often reads her mystery novellas to Atka to help her sleep and Atka helps keeps Sagani's hunting skills sharp while acting as prey in wolf form. If Atka is nowhere to be found, Sagani most likely knows where she is.


    -Grieving Mother: The mother figure that Atka never had. When the Watcher nightmares became more intense, GM was often there to soothe her. GM is one of few people that have seen Atka vulnerable or unsure. Atka also sees GM as a misunderstood soul, while she doesn't agree with GM's method to handle soulless children, Atka is able to empathize with the determination that drives her. 


    -Zahua: Despite what many people think, Atka is a very spiritual person. While she may not believe in the gods to do their duty, she believes that the kith have the ability to do it for themselves. Zahua and her have a pretty good understanding and she enjoys the debates they have together. Like Atka, Zahua is pretty blunt which makes him simple in Atka's mind, Atka likes simple. Plus...free drugs!


    -Durance: Aka hates that she cares about the crotchety old man's well being. She enjoys his twisted sense of humor, along with his self-reliant philosophy. Their cynicism about about the gods tend to aline, although Atka believes Durance is more of a barker than a biter. There are of course times when she can't stand to be around Durance or has to put him in his place when questioning her leadership. Originally her compassion towards the bitter old man came from pity, but she's come to respect him.


    Okey-dokey that's it for now. Ill post my second watcher a bit later! Oh also, I've based the Pale Elves after the Mongolians in real life

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  4. Hello again! I'm wondering if anyone knows the item code of the Cape of the Master Mystic? A glitch happened to my game where I lost some loot and I was able to console command every one of the items back except this one. Its item code is not on the PoE wiki. I'm hoping someone on here knows how to find it or already knows it. This thread has always been very helpful so it's worth a shot?


    Thank you in advance!

  5. Hello! This is my first fourm post and I'll cut to the chase. I sent Hiravias to escort Berolt from Caed Nua. I didn't want to go to Twin Elms without him so I did some WM II quests while I waited for his six days to finish up. When he got back all of his loot was gone and stark naked (this is really disheartening because he had two soul weapons bound to him along with an invisible cloak) and he was under level. When I tried to level him up his name wasn't even Hiravias anymore but "tGender" and then two of him spawned! However only one of them could follow me while the other just stood still. I've got some screenshots as proof

    PLEASE HELP! I have only one save before buggy!Hiravias shows up and unfortunately, I don't have any saves made before I sent him to escort Berolt. 


    Edit: Here's a link to the pictures as proof



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