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  1. My impression so far...

    Good stuff

    I feel that the concept of the mechanics is rather nice. Many skills to have and ways to uttilize others to aid the. It a roll vs. DC which to me is standard and intuitive.  I love the acestries and cultures that make the charcters unique and modular. Some of those abillities are very canonical to the game. Top amongst them is the "Dyrwooden Hello" that is super reminecent of the first game and I loved it. I rather liked the dissabilties; broken arm cuncussion ect. Im gonna use them in other games too. 

    The bad stuff (im my opinion)

    1. The combat is wonkey to me at best and all over the place if im being honest. The fact that there is soak/deflection/abillity affliction(each with its own level) /wounds/exhaustion/hit points/bloodied/winded and on top of that the charmed frightened poisened conditions and so on is wayyyyy to mutch math and book keeping for a fun game to be had considering that even the GM has to do his own book keeping since many powers target the same things. This mught be easy in a computer game but im very unconvinced hiw fun it is for real players.

    2. The powers: in contrast to some of the beautiful recial and cultural traits written. The powers are lackluster in evocativness and natural language that makes the plyer have the "thats so dope I have to get this!!!" Feel. 

    3. More on powers: if I understud correctly, guile and arcana stem from the same source as much as focus and disipline. Even so, why must they all rely on inteligance for their pool to use. Here in contrast to the floating conditions abd moddifires, i would have incorpareted different mechanics that rely on different attributes and maybe diiferen conditions for the to be earned... like it the computer game.

    3. More on powers (fluff): the powers, if you ask me should not all be dependant on the wheel. Guile is how quick and cunning a rouge is and dicipline is how powerfull and bad ass a fighter/ soldier is. I dont see how it is actualy supernatural instead of just plain being amazing. And that, to me, feels more thematic and evocative. 

    4. Wounds: any thing you have to devide by foure and make players treck is going to gett overlooked cause its just to tedious to do in real time play.

    I played many years of ttrpgs of many kinds. Path finder is I would say the clossest in book keeping I played and its much easier then this. Im a huge huge fan if poe and tyranny for that matter. Im very excited to see what this game becomes. Allso would like to hear more news here and on the media like twitter and facbook. Thanks 😋🤘


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